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British tabloids name Emily in Paris star the new James Bond

Where a juice channel claimed last month that Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be the next James Bond, the British tabloids have already lined up the next presumptive candidate for you: Lucien Laviscount.

Daniel Craig has his next mega-franchise after almost fifteen years as James Bond with Knives Out. the second movie, glass onion, recently premiered on Netflix and immediately became a hit. A success for which Craig is paid considerably more than James Bond.

Who will be the next James Bond?

In front of no time to die The 54-year-old actor reportedly grossed $25 million. He earns $50 million per movie for his performances as Detective Benoit Blanc. Not bad!

However, the British actor can’t completely escape his past as 007. During the promotion round of glass onion Craig was still continually asked about James Bond. It’s a trap that’s too popular for interviewers to ignore. However, the actor stressed the opposite. Happy Sad Confused that he is not concerned with the big issue of the moment: who will be his successor, who will be the next James Bond?

Justly. Still, especially the UK media can’t stop talking about it, and bookmakers have been making money ever since they announced no time to die a fortune on the subject. We’ve already seen plenty of candidates go by, from Idris Elba to Tom Hiddleston.

Aaron-Taylor Johnson as Favorite

The big favorite right now is Aaron Taylor-Johnson. At 32, the British actor is the perfect candidate, especially if he lists the qualifications that the producers behind the Bond movies have mentioned during interviews.

In fact, a popular juice channel recently claimed that Taylor-Johnson has already auditioned, and that producer Barbara Broccoli is so impressed that she’ll most likely follow Daniel Craig.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson James Bond
Aaron Taylor-Johnson (right) in Bullet Train (Image: Sony Images)

Emily in Paris-ster on the run

Is the battle over yet? For now, these are just rumors. While Broccoli and co. They have not announced the new James Bond, the rumor mill will continue to run at full speed. Earlier this week, the next putative candidate ran: Lucien Laviscount.

You may know the 30-year-old star from emily paris, the mega-popular Netflix series. A British tabloid source The mail on Sunday states that “Lucien ticks all the boxes”, and that Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is “very happy” with the actor.

“He is a super talented actor, extremely handsome and has gained a lot of new fans in the last 18 months. emily in paristhe tabloid source said. “Bond’s bosses are already saying that you can totally imagine him in 007’s tuxedo, how neat and well he would fit the part.”

Lucien Lavizcount Emily in Paris James Bond
Lucien Laviscount (rights) in Emily in Paris (Picture: Netflix)

Big Brother as pain point

However, according to the same source, there is a part of Lucien Laviscount’s resume with which the producers have difficulties: “There is a sticking point, and it is Older brother. Lucien appeared on the show at a time when his career was not going as well as it is now.

It is not very clear from the article why this is such a big drawback. On the heels of it, the tabloid emphasizes that the 30-year-old actor also has a huge fan base that spans generations, “which is a dream for Barbara.”

Should we take this news seriously?

You don’t have to read the British newspapers every day to know that the tabloids don’t exactly have the best reputation there. Tabloid press goes extremely far there, with all its consequences, and journalistic values ​​and processes are safely ignored in order to score. Add to that a big topic like the Daniel Craig succession, and you have a pressure cooker in which a lot of empty rumors and other nonsense cook up.

Is there any chance that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Lucien Laviscount are actually the top two candidates at the moment? Sure. We’ll only know when the producers behind James Bond officially announce the winner.

Until then, they’ll just be rumors, rumors that there’s a good chance they’re not based on anything. Take this news, and the many rumors that will no doubt come, with a healthy grain of salt. To the sight de Lavizconde will not lie in any case:

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British tabloids name Emily in Paris star the new James Bond

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