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Videoland review – offer, prices, series and more

Videoland long ago outgrew the status of a video store and became a sizeable VOD service.

​​Veterans will remember what that was like: renting your DVDs at Videoland. But now the reborn movie provider is in a strong position with more than 1.1 million subscribers and many Dutch movies, series and shows on its platform. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 1984/2010
Headquarters in: The Netherlands
Focus: Dutch programs
Payment form: subscription
Price: €4.99, €8.99 or €10.99 per month

The well-known retail chain Videoland was allowed to close its doors after 26 years and open its online movie rental service in 2010. Movies could still be rented under the then-names Videoland on Demand and MovieMAX on Demand, but that course was radically deviated. since in 2014. RTL Videoland took over.

Since 2014, the programs of the RTL channels have been online through Videoland and soon the subscription system was introduced with an ever-widening offer of movies and series. In 2020, after a successful trial, Live TV was also added with more and more high-quality Videoland Originals.


With the wide range of RTL, Videoland users can watch live RTL movies, series, documentaries and shows on RTL 4, 5, 7, 8 or Z. As a result, a large number of reality shows appear, along with TV shows. popular television. commercial channels and even a separate page with programs for children.

With its educational program Videoland Academy, Videoland also offers young filmmakers the chance to try out innovative stories and new ways through the Dutch VOD service. Videoland is rooted deep in its own soil and knows how to fish the best makers from its own pond.

Five of Videoland’s most famous series are:
one. new amsterdam
2. Judas
3. temptation island
Four. macromafia
5. The Handmaid’s Tale


You can also watch Videoland outside of the Netherlands by streaming or by downloading content in advance via Download to Go. Viewing Videoland online is only possible within the European Union.

Videoland is available on many smart TVs, including recent models from Sony, Samsung, LG, Philips, and Apple TV. You can also find Videoland through your Playstation 4; If not, you can always open Videoland via the browser or its mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Pricing and subscriptions

Videoland offers three types of subscriptions, where you can first use their services for free for 14 days during a trial period.

Videoland Basic Cost €4.99 per month and offers unlimited access to the entire catalogue. Unfortunately, viewing of this content is not ad-free and the Download to Go feature is also unavailable.

Videoland Plus Costs €8.99 per month and also offers unlimited access to the entire catalog. With this package, all material is ad-free, services can be purchased on two screens at the same time, and download to go is possible.

Videoland Premium Costs €10.99 per month and has exactly the same functionalities as Videoland Plus except for one important advantage: the number of available screens is doubled from 2 to 4 screens.

our advice

Videoland is a one-stop service with a wide range of Dutch-language programs and constantly improving Videoland Originals. Plus, it offers a lot of fun shows and reality shows, which means it also seems to capture the best of television.

If you are a big fan of entertainment shows on commercial channels and also want a VOD service with a wide range of genre movies and series, then Videoland is the right place for you. The blockbuster series will probably have to be found on international streaming services, but Videoland knows how to bring out the best in the Netherlands (or do it yourself).

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