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Netflix adds 6 new and hard thrillers to its cinematic offer

Thriller fans, take note! Netflix has added six major movies in that genre, including one of the best movies of the 1990s. We’ve listed them for you.

Netflix is ​​going to drop a huge list of movies in about two weeks. Fortunately, there are plenty of new movies being added to compensate, too, from classics to recent movie titles. This week thriller fans will be at your beck and call.

New thrillers on Netflix

The streaming service has added six thrillers to its movie lineup, from a great Oliver Stone classic to more recent horror entertainment with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. We’re listing all six new movies, including the IMDb score and trailer.


we start with jfk, also by far one of the best movies Netflix has received since the beginning of this year. Flashback to 1963. Jim Garrison, a lawyer, questions the official FBI story of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Garrison decides to start an investigation on his behalf. The start of a great thriller from Oliver Stone, which rightfully gets a big 8 on IMDb. Absolutely recommended!

IMDb Score: 8.0

the garment

It proves that opening a can of big names doesn’t always result in a top movie. the garment. A crime film starring none other than Sean Penn as the director and Jack Nicholson as a retired police officer. During his latest case, the policeman promises the mother of a murdered girl that he will track down the killer. When she finds out that several girls have been killed in a short time, she starts a game of cat and mouse who you tell. With a 6.8 on IMDb, the film isn’t Oscar material, but it’s definitely worth checking out now that it’s on Netflix.

IMDb Score: 6.8

The man from the other side

Fans of the thriller genre are well catered for. Netflix also has this week The man from the other side added to your offer. We are going back to the Cold War. 1974, to be exact. A West German secretary goes on the run after secret police catch her stealing government documents for her boyfriend. A surprisingly entertaining movie, despite its poor IMDb score.

IMDb Score: 5.6


too Life it’s technically a thriller, but with a nice horror sauce. Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, among others, play crew members of the International Space Station who are about to make history. They can prove that there is extraterrestrial life on Mars. However, that way of life turns out to be more intelligent than expected, with all its consequences. Good brainless blockbuster!

IMDb Score: 6.6

maximum risk

Less into horror, but hungry for a thriller where you can put your mind to zero? Then you’ve come to the right place on Netflix. maximum riskk, starring the action hero Jean-Claude van Damme. He plays Alain Moreau, who goes in search of the truth behind the death of his identical twin brother. That takes him from France to New York, where he is being hunted by the Russian mob and FBI agents, among others. A race against time full of action and chases. Exactly as you would expect from a Van Damme film. Delicious.

IMDb Score: 5.5

premium fever

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon star in the lead roles premium fever, a 2012 action thriller. A woman hands a young bicycle courier a mysterious envelope, instructing him to deliver it to a Chinatown address in 90 minutes. Little problem: a special agent is after the envelope.

IMDb Score: 6.5

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Netflix adds 6 new and hard thrillers to its cinematic offer

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