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​​NLZiet claims to be the cheapest TV subscription in the Netherlands. This unique collaboration between NPO, RTL and Talpa offers everything a regular viewer receives within a single streaming service. Read all about their prices, offers and benefits below!

Founded in: 2014

Headquarters in: Hilversum, Netherlands

Focus: Dutch shows, series and movies

Payment form: subscription

Price: €7.95 or €9.95 per month

In 2014 Dutch Public Broadcasting, RTL Nederland and Talpa TV joined forces to offer all their programs through one central streaming service. As a substitute for a normal TV subscription, the eleven most important channels in the Netherlands can be watched live or on demand via NLZiet.

As of February 2022, three more VRT channels have been added to the mix, so that Flemings can also join NLZiet. There are also several regional stations available, including Omroep West and RTV Noord. In their own words, NLZiet’s own offer refers to approximately 10,000 hours or 40,000 episodes of the collected channels.


In a nutshell, NLZiet offers the collected offer from NPO Plus, RTL, KIJK (from SBS) and regional channels. In addition, various foreign series and movies that have been broadcast on TV remain available to watch for a long time.

The service interface also presents NPO Plus, RTL, KIJK and regional broadcasters as the four ‘corners’ or ‘verses’ of the platform, reminiscent of the Disney+ or HBO Max formats. The full range can also be found in an extensive TV guide.

Five of NLZiet’s most famous series are:
one. police officers rotterdam
2. eyeballs
3. Good and bad times
Four. Older brother
5. Jargon


NLZiet can be seen throughout the European Union.

NLZIET has been available on Android and iOS devices since 2019, along with most smart TVs. In addition, an application has been designed for Android TV, Apple TV, HUMAX and PlayStation, but the service can also be found through the browser.

Pricing and subscriptions

The regular NLZiet subscription costs €7.95 per month and contains the channels of the NPO, RTL, SBS and the regional stations.

With the special subscription NLZiet Extra €9.95 per month, viewers get access to ten additional channels from the BBC, History Channel, Euronews, Crime + Investigation and more.

our advice

For a small price you get with NLZiet practically all Dutch channels with a handy app and many possibilities to look back and forward. This service is especially recommended for Dutch people with a preference for regional or commercial broadcasters, as the public broadcaster offers everything via NPO Start and NPO Plus for a lower price.

NLZiet is certainly recommended as a replacement for a regular TV subscription, but the service doesn’t have much of a focus. Scrolling through the service’s catalog is suspiciously reminiscent of channel zapping, which seems to deny VOD exclusivity. Therefore, for experienced binge viewers, it is better not to view NLZiet as a distributor of high-quality movies or series, but as a replacement for regular TV.

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