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Disney+ series ‘Reservation Dogs’ season 2 review

The wonderfully relaxed pacing that leaves room for sensitive drama continues in the second season.

Director: Sterling Harjo, Blackhorse Lowe, Tazbah Chavez, ea | To emit: Devery Jacobs (Elora Danan Postoak), D’Pharao Woon-A-Tai (Bear Smallhill), Lane Factor (Cheese), Paulina Alexis (Willie Jack), Elva Guerra (Jackie), ea | Number of episodes: 10 | Time to play: 25-33 minutes | Year: 2023

The first season of reserve dogs it was a unique blend of realistic drama, modern humor, and Native American traditions. This resulted in censored owls and strangely recognizable sign language, among other things. Good for hours of Google fun, because this series was certainly not made to educate the white man. Nor is it Pocahontas propaganda to show how cute and appropriable indigenous culture is. It’s especially nice to see that the creators don’t mean to portray life on reservations negatively, but they also don’t want to minimize the problem.

The result is a moving story about four young friends, their shared past, and their dreams for the future. Season two certainly promises to turn the friendship that was battered in season one into a heartbreaking reconciliation. And all with the same wonderfully slow and relaxing narrative. This one leaves room for a lot of storylines, character development, and details, especially regarding the culture. However, creators Sterlin Harjo and Taika Waititi let the story about the four friends and the fifth who lost their lives dominate. reserve dogs is a good series about loss, acceptance, and love, regardless of the setting.

The relaxed pace also gives a perfect space to the violent tracks, which don’t get stressed as a result. The surprising humor also mixes well with the drama. A bunch of fun supporting characters pull this off, including Big with his endless patience and Spirit with his fleeting wisdom. We see other beloved supporting characters, like the twins Mose and Mekko or Uncle Brownie, noticeably less in the second season. Instead, some new characters are introduced, which the series doesn’t need at all.

We’d rather see even more existing characters and their problems than some new ones, and that need isn’t always met. This is not entirely worrying, because there is much to be desired for the third season, whose arrival has already been confirmed. Fans can, therefore, expect recurring moments of rest in the current steaming sea of ​​violence that engulfs the viewer at high speed and full of visual spectacle. The different elements of tranquility, nature and indigenous mystic of reserve dogs it almost has a meditative effect on the viewer.

We even do breathing exercises in a beautiful scene set in a prison, with the popular Willie Jack, played by up-and-coming actress Paulina Alexis, who can underscore a joke with a minimalist performance. The mixture of harsh reality and mysticism has the effect of magical realism and adds even more to the special character of this unrivaled series.

The second season is just as strong as the first in terms of story and design. Viewers leave the series rested and refreshed, ready for another onslaught of franchises and spin-offs and new seasons and new streaming contenders that can’t be missed until we’re ready for season three of 2023’s must-see show. reserve dogs.


reserve dogs can be seen in Disney+.

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