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Rick and Morty Season 6 – Series Review and What’s Next?

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After the vicissitudes of the show’s fifth season finale, the next batch of episodes from Dan Harmon’s mad series turns again to more episodic, not-so-related episodes from seasons three and four. At least to some extent. However, it is safe to say that all of them in turn represent a high level of comedy.

I love Harmon. His great sense of humor, his tendency to do stupid things when drunk, his self-destructive nature whenever he felt he was too obvious. He gave us the perfect early seasons of Community, he made Donald Glover a star, he encouraged the entire team behind the show to chant “fuck you, Chevy” with him at the party after season 3 ended (I don’t approve, there’s a time and a place for everything. , and a party with guests, including Chase’s relatives, doesn’t exactly create the right conditions for dragging in private dirt, but the very fact that he did something like that describes well who we’re dealing with). When he joined forces with Justin Roiland, who is in charge of The Real Animated Adventures of Doc and Marty, and created today’s series together, it seemed like he had finally found a place where he felt good. At least until people began to demand the continuation of the evil Morty storyline, to which Harmon answered with a short “no” and for a while completely ignored the larger storyline, focusing on separate, self-contained stories. You can, although they have a completely different reception. So, season six, everyone!

Rick and Morty (2013) – TV series season 6 review [HBO]. Earthquake at the beginning.

It’s not that the sixth season didn’t stick together at all. Elements of individual episodes interact with each other, returning from space travel, Beth stays longer, President Keith David returns in the season finale, and even evil Rick starts to happen. But what exactly begins to happen, we will know only after a while, because this season has only slightly outlined the thread, lifted the veil of mystery and left viewers excited and wanting more. A lot more. Like a girl in a strip club, basically.

However, I have to admit that the season opener was one of the strongest in the history of the show. We continue exactly where we left off the last time, for our heroes, everything does not look so rosy. A whole series of incredibly satisfying character returns and other plot twists set things right, making room for some really great scenes that expand the lore of the series. Finally, we will learn (probably) the whole truth about what universes our Rick and Morty come from and why this particular duo is needed if Rick’s revenge is ever to be completed. But that’s not all! One of the funniest Jerry theories has also been confirmed, and we’re excited to revisit Morty’s original world, affectionately known as Cronenberg’s world. If I were to rate individual episodes, this one would get a full ten.

Rick and Morty (2013) – TV series season 6 review [HBO]. The television equivalent of comfort food

Rick and Morty (2013) - review, opinion on season 6 of the series [HBO].  Hands free driving


After that, it’s a lot more… Overall. Morty is stuck in a game where literally everyone is part of his mind, and only Die Hard parody Summer can save him. Beth has an affair that everyone knows about except Jerry. Rick has a device that allows his body to perform various tasks at night while his brain is at rest. The fortune cookie claims that Jerry will “beat” his mom. Dinosaurs return to earth, which Rick absolutely hates. A strange creature from another dimension pierces through the fourth wall. Jerry becomes a superhero (sort of). Morty becomes the Sun King. An ill-conceived Christmas present threatens the existence of the entire world.

These are not bad ideas. Pretty much every episode is a completely fresh, completely wacky concept, sometimes allowing the artists to showcase their character designs and animations, and sometimes just taking the Smith family to completely new places – physically and/or mentally – to develop different aspects of their personality. . I didn’t know I wanted an episode where Jerry is scared he was going to have sex with his mom until I got it. The problem is that the moment after this episode ends and the whole story doesn’t change anything. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always enjoy 20 minutes of good entertainment even if it serves nothing else, but because I know how great lore shows can be, I feel disappointed every time the creators decide not to. touch him in this episode.

Ultimately, however, Rick and Morty season six manages to find a pretty good balance between completely unrelated episodes about killing entire civilizations and more connected ones moving towards something concrete. Between the opening of the season and the finale, little could turn the whole order of things on its head, but some of the threads that began in one episode continue quite sympathetically into the next, which at least gives the viewer the illusion of continuity. And Rick himself promises that his evil version will be taken seriously in Season 7, so even though my brain tells me to cool my own enthusiasm, my heart knows my way, and I can’t wait for the next batch of episodes. It’s worth having somewhere in the back of your head that even the weaker episodes of Rick and Morty look better than half of the crap that was released to tape by others.

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