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Review of the Disney+ series ‘Atlanta’ season 4

The last season is the most absurd and perhaps the best.

Director: Hiro Murai, Donald Glover, Angela Barnes, | To emit: Brian Tyler Henry (Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles), Donald Glover (Earnest “Earn” Marks), LaKeith Stanfield (Darius X), Zazie Beetz (Vanessa “Van” Keefer), ea | Number of episodes: 10 | Time to play: 26-35 minutes | Year: 2022

The fourth and final season of atlanta It may be the best of the series. After touring Europe in season three, Paper Boi, Earn, Van, and Darius are back in their hometown of Atlanta. But his adventures are just as wild, absurd and hilarious. And his story, as much as possible, is actually a bit closed.

In the first few episodes, everyone is still looking for their turn in life, in a way that only in atlanta can. Darius’ mental confusion manifests in the form of an old woman with a knife, who chases him across town on her scooter. In addition to his rapping career as Paper Boi, Al is also trying to become a manager. Van and his daughter Lottie experience a strange day on various film sets. Earn thinks he’s done with therapy and can land a contract with superstar D’Angelo, but he comes home from a very surreal carnival.

In seasons three and four, which were made at the same time, creator and filmmaker Donald Glover and his team of writers and directors increasingly embrace surrealism and the absurd. The reality is increasingly diffuse, but no less palpable. The creators regularly dive into the depths of season four, but stay rooted in the show’s basics: a story about a rapper, his cousin and manager, the mother of his son, and the strange friend who walks with him As a portrait of Atlanta (black) culture and commentary on race relations in the United States.

Unlike the third season, in the fourth season the focus also remains mainly on the core of these four characters. This time, only one episode is about someone else: the great mockumentary. The fool who sat by the doorsupposedly about a black animator who accidentally became the temporary head of Disney in 1992 and went crazy while doing his version of a silly movie that a parable for life as a black man in the United States was to become, just like atlanta that’s more or less.

Because of that focus on the core, it seems possible that in the second half the foursome will find their way in life, even if it means something very different for Darius, say, than it does for Earn. As for the increasingly radical narrative form of atlanta that allows, each of the four finds some form of guidance. Earn and Van grow closer in a nice episode where the two go camping with Lottie.

Due to the loose structure and the high level of nonsense atlanta It could last for years, but the episode where Darius constantly wonders whether or not he’s dreaming will basically be his last. It is a pity that this unique series has come to an end, but it is good that the very high level from the beginning has always been maintained, if not improved, over the years. Now it closes on high and there is something to be said about it.


atlanta can be seen in Disney+.

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