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Sadly, these 5 great Netflix series were canceled early by the streaming service.

If it had been up to the fan base, many more seasons of these series would have been released.

Netflix and other major streaming services sometimes tend to end a well-received series prematurely. Much to the anger and frustration of the fans. Below is an overview of five series that viewers would have liked to see more of.

Netflix has allowed this mystery drama series to air for two seasons. The series is about the young Prairie Johnson who reappears after being kidnapped seven years later. Upon her return, she calls herself The OA (Original Angel) and it is shown that she can see, which she was not when she was kidnapped. After the news that Netflix did not see anything in a third season the OA the #SaveTheOA online campaign went viral. The protest was supposed to bring the series back, but unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.

see all episodes here. Before Disney introduced its own streaming service, there was a collaboration between Netflix and Marvel. Several series were made about all kinds of superheroes on the streets of New York. one of them was Jessica Jones. The series, starring actress Krysten Ritter, was about former super-powered superheroine and now alcoholic private investigator, Jessica Jones. It was allowed to be on Netflix for three seasons, but was ultimately canceled along with all other Marvel titles.

see all episodes here. This was one with the heavyweights of the entertainment industry in the lead. the mysterious Sens8 was the brainchild of the Wachowskis, also known for the Matrixfilms. It was about eight strangers in all corners of the world who were mentally and emotionally connected. A striking feature of the series was that no big names were cast for the roles, rather preference was given to newly acquired talents. Despite very positive reception from critics and the public, it was canceled after two seasons because, according to Netflix boss Ted Sarandos, the fan base was not large enough to cover the costs of such a large production. .

see all episodes here. As mysterious and fast as 1899 appeared, so quickly that it disappeared from Netflix again. The sci-fi series from the creators of the equally mysterious Dark it was about a group of travelers of all different nationalities who were on a journey to a new future. The adventure soon ended in a nightmare when they stumbled upon an abandoned ship in the middle of the sea where a terrible enigma was unfolding. Shortly after the release of the first and only season, Netflix decided not to continue the series because apparently too few people were watching it for it to be viable.

see all episodes here. Perhaps the biggest mistake Netflix has faced is the cancellation of the intriguing series. mind hunter. The series is about a young FBI agent who and his partner join a psychologist and thus form the basis of the science of profiling serial killers. In the series, they gather knowledge by conducting interviews with notorious serial killers like Ed Kemper, David Berkowitz, and Jerry Brudos. It was produced and directed by renowned filmmaker David Fincher, also known for films like se7en in fight club. On Rotten Tomatoes the series gets an excellent score of 97% and on IMDB it is even on the list of the 250 best TV series of all time. You may have already guessed it; Also for mind hunter there was no future on Netflix. According to Fincher, it was too expensive for Netflix to produce, so after a clearly open ending to the second season, there won’t be a third.

see all episodes here.

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