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Boef Gets His Fourth Number 1 Album In Five Years And Announces ‘The Biggest Concert Ever’ | show

Once again Boef manages to lead the charts with an album. his record fancy problem it entered the Album Top 100 at number 1. To celebrate, the rapper will announce his ‘biggest concert’ on Saturday afternoon.

Details about the location and date have yet to be announced. However, fans can already register for the pre-sale through a special link. “My biggest concert sale is starting soon and I really wish you were there,” the rapper writes with the ad. I’m going to make it legendary!!” In a subsequent post, Sofiane Boussaadia, as the 29-year-old artist calls herself, says that in addition to great hits, old songs are also played during the show. “We go from 2015 until now. Shit is going to be legendary.

It is now the fourth time in five years that a Boef record scores well, because the rapper knew with his records all a dream (2020), 93 (2018) in sleep deprivation (2017) also ranked first on the charts. fancy problem is so successful that the rapper managed to score fifth on Spotify’s World Album Debuts chart last week. ‘My album is only number 5 worldwide. WTF gap,” he wrote on Instagram. The rapper left behind hit country singer Jordan Davis and Afro-French artist Tayc, among others.


In secret, Boef had already predicted it: his new album fancy problem it becomes a hit. Boef revealed the album’s title and cover art in December last year and at the same time announced that the record would be released on January 20. In mid-January, the rapper announced that he wanted to postpone the album to February 17 because there were “too many hits” on the record. Therefore, he first wanted to release some songs as a single before creating his album. In the weeks leading up to the release, he released songs with Christian D. and Lil Kleine, among others.

With the latter, Boef finally managed to break a record for the most played track in the Netherlands on the first day after its release. The single was streamed more than 846,000 times on Friday. It is the fourth track where the two can be heard together. Newspaper district, Patser’s behavior in Millionaire they were all top 10 hits.

Boef and Lil Kleine celebrated on Instagram for the record. “The fact that we broke this is very good for me,” wrote Lil Kleine. ‘I can’t thank you enough for this, without you this would never have been possible! On the single, Lil Kleine delves into her issues with her ex Jaimie Vaes for the first time. Boef swept the floor in a response with anyone wanting to ‘cancel’ his colleague. “They want to boycott but they can’t, because I hit them.”

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