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A monthly salary for a CD: a metal band’s album is ‘the most expensive ever sold’ on a music site | show

The unknown American metal band Runner’s 1991 single album is said to be the most expensive CD ever sold on the well-known collector site Discogs. The price tag? An amount that you quickly have to work for a month or two.

As a Spotify generation grows up that has never seen the silver records in real life, there are still plenty of people who want to literally hold a new album on their hands. Since the (practical) disappearance of the Free Record Shop and Music Store, there are no record stores in most cities, so many collectors turn to the Internet.

You can do it on Marktplaats or Vinted, but internationally you’ll soon end up with Discogs, a kind of database and marketplace at the same time that record stores also use. The site posted the most expensive CDs ever sold through the platform. in a row. By comparison, the Runner fan might as well have bought a Gucci bag, several pairs of Louboutin shoes, or several thousand euros at McDonald’s instead of the album. falling hearts.

The collector would have paid more than 2,700 euros for it. The titles in the top three are not far apart: according to the site, a fan of American singer-songwriter Valerie Carter (1953-2017) paid more than 2,680 euros for a Japanese release of her album. I could spend the night on the river of honey. That one made a mistakemintcondition, i.e. new.

A Michael Jackson fan had almost the same thing for his CD single Smile. Plans for that song were scrapped at the last minute and most copies of the CD were destroyed, the site said. The remaining singles are among the rarest items from King, who died in 2009, on Pop. The British media mainly write about another item on the list.

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Runner’s Falling Hearts album is the most expensive CD ever sold on Discogs. ©PR

In 2003, 25 copies of a promotional CD by British electro-pop duo Pet Shop Boys, featuring five songs, were distributed in Japan. One fan was willing to spend more than 400 euros per song and bought the CD for around 2,100 euros, the site writes.

It’s strictly possible for users to make a deal to supposedly sell something for those prices, but actually don’t. Some critics even suspect money laundering. However, the site assumes that the deals have been closed and writes that in the cases described, the payment has been made. These are prices for CDs, CD singles and (triple) CDs, which pale in comparison to the prices of longer publications.

For example, the most expensive item sold in 2022 was a box set of seven Mozart vinyl records, for just over €18,000. The most valuable vinyl item that changed hands through the site was a rare promo copy of the song. choose your weapon by the British DJ Scaramanga Silk (34,000 euros). The most expensive cassette belonged to the Xero group, predecessor of Linkin Park. A fan spent 4,100 euros for a demo tape.

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