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Kim Kardashian can do whatever she wants with Princess Diana’s expensive necklace: ‘Sin of Magic’ | show

Reality star and billionaire Kim Kardashian (42) is the new owner of a very expensive necklace that British Princess Diana loved to wear. It’s a shame that such a piece of history goes to the highest bidder, says fashion journalist Josine Droogendijk. How could this happen and soon the influencers will run away with Máxima’s jewels?

A huge pendant with amethysts, framed by diamonds. It’s a piece of jewelry that you tell yourself, says Droogendijk. As with the price: Kardashian paid nearly £164,000 (about $187,000) at auction for the designer Garrard necklace. It would be a piece that was made to order and of which there is only one copy.

Still, you wouldn’t be surprised if you came across something similar in a costume at the Action, says Droogendijk. “The chain is not that real. With royalty, the jewelry is more elegant and subdued, not too flashy.” The piece is typical of Diana. “He loved watching the series in the 80s Dynasty, they also called it ‘Di Dynasty’. He wore clothes in the style of the show, with high shoulders, for example. She showed that she was getting more and more daring”.

Diana borrowed the necklace.

As much as Diana loved wearing the necklace, it wasn’t really hers. Businessman Naim Attallah bought the jewel in the 1980s and lent it to his good friend on several occasions, reports The Guardian. His relatives have probably decided to sell the necklace. This happened at a public auction, so a jewel with special historical value could theoretically end everyone.

Thus became Kim Kardashian, who seems to have made a hobby of collecting well-known fashion items. Last year, she wore another famous Marilyn Monroe dress to the Met Gala. After the fact, it was rumored that she had damaged the garment. That turned out not to be true, but it gives you something to think about. “It’s a shame this is happening,” Droogendijk says of the sale of the chain. “It’s at the expense of the magic and mystique of the royal family.”

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He knows that Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven’s granddaughters sell their clothes in thrift stores in Amsterdam. “But then it’s about princesses that people probably don’t even recognize. A part of the fairy tale is lost with the necklace. The idea: everything can be bought with money”.

In the Netherlands, such a thing is virtually impossible. It is quite normal for foreign royals to borrow jewelry for special occasions. A somewhat savvy owner mentions who used it and immediately raises the asking price by a few zeros. Most of Queen Máxima’s jewels are her own or family relics.

“She keeps them for herself, for example for her daughters,” says the fashion connoisseur. “This way she prevents them from being offered at a bargain price somewhere.” Maxima does not need many different types of jewelry. “Because the pieces have practical hooks and screws. For example, if she wants a necklace with the other’s stone, that can be adjusted”.

To the supermarket

The question is what Kim Kardashian will do with Diana’s necklace now. “I respect her, but she’s not the epitome of class, certainly not real class,” says Droogendijk. “She doesn’t need a complicated occasion to put it on, she can do it straight to the supermarket. But she’s probably saving it for this year’s Met Gala.”

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