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Princess Diana’s former lover turned out to be a handsome doctor, here’s how things are now

Princess Diana is known as one of the celebrities in the British royal family. She was married to Prince Charles and had two children before finally getting divorced.

After breaking up with Prince William and Prince Harry’s father, Princess Diana began a new chapter of romance with a man named Hasnat Khan.

Hasnat Khan is a handsome man, works as a doctor, mother. This man of Pakistani blood is known as Mr. Wonderful, aka “Mr. Wonderful”.

In 1995, Princess Diana began dating Khan, who is known as a renowned heart surgeon from the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, England. At that time, the Princess of Wales divorced Prince Charles, but had not yet officially divorced.

Quote from To express, Princess Diana and Hasnat Khan first met in the hospital. At the time, the doctor was treating a friend of Princess Diana who had just had heart surgery. He admitted that he did not pay attention to the whereabouts of the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry.

In short, Princess Diana and Dr. Khan finally got to know each other and bonded. Then they developed a love, but the doctor did not want the relationship to be put on public display. The reason is that he wanted Princess Diana to live a normal life, regardless of her status as a member of the British royal family.

Yes, especially at that time, Princess Diana and Prince Charles had not yet officially divorced. Of course, Princess Diana is still considered the future Queen of England.

“We didn’t know much about their relationship because Hasnat Khan never spoke at the time,” British royal family biographer Martin Gregory told the series. BBC 5 Live Podcast, images of Diana.

“Hasnat Khan didn’t talk to Diana’s death. But we know that they broke up that summer.”

Princess Diana and Dr. Khan apparently hid their love for 18 months, mom. This secret romance ended in the summer of 1997, just months before Princess Diana’s death.

Their relationship away from the public eye is considered an amazing achievement. As mom knows, Princess Diana was one of the most famous women in the world at the time. But she was able to hide her love story with Hasnat Khan.

Princess Diana was reported to have considered converting to Islam following Dr. Khan’s beliefs. They say they even planned a wedding. However, their love went awry and Princess Diana respected Khan’s decision to separate.

More than 20 years later, Dr. Khan is still living in England.

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