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Princess Diana’s Sapphire Ring Dispute, Who owns it now?

Princess Diana’s sapphire ring from Prince Charles is the most famous engagement ring in the world. This ring has now passed to the son-in-law, which means it has become the property of Kate Middleton.

Long before this, the ring held a story that caused controversy among the British royal court. Unlike other engagement rings, Princess Diana’s ring was not made to order.

This ring has also caused controversy within the British royal family. However, the ring was chosen by the now regal Charles for his future bride, in part because of his special relationship with Queen Victoria.

The ring has attracted both pros and cons because it was featured in the Garrard Royal jewelry catalog in 1981, meaning that the ring is not one of a kind.

According to Fashion, critics, including some members of the royal family, were unhappy that Diana’s ring was not custom made.

The design of Diana’s ring was inspired by the jewelry of Queen Victoria.

Prince Charles spent $60,000 on a 12 carat oval Ceylon sapphire ring. Although Diana’s engagement ring is not specifically for the royal family, it has a special connection to Queen Victoria, who came to power in 1837.

The design of this ring was inspired by the sapphire brooch given by Prince Albert to Queen Victoria. The brooch is very important because it is used in their wedding.

“Queen Victoria was very fond of sapphires, so Prince Albert always bought her sapphires,” said representatives of the House of Garrard. Marie ClaireReported House Beautiful.

“Then there is a very famous sapphire brooch worn by Queen Elizabeth II, inherited from Queen Victoria. Prince Charles always saw his mother’s beautiful sapphire brooch, made by the House of Garrard. When he came to the House of Garrard, he saw the ring and I think it was perfect”.

Currently, the House of Garrard places a sapphire on the inside of every engagement ring as a token of the royal family’s love for sapphire, and also as a shade of blue on the wedding day.

Diana’s ring was given to Prince Harry

Diana’s famous engagement ring was originally given to Prince Harry. However, Harry is said to have proposed it to his older brother Prince William when he planned to propose to Kate Middleton.

In his interview with Kate, William said that the ring was a way to keep his late mother close to them.

“This is my mom’s engagement ring, so I thought it was pretty good because it was clear she wouldn’t be around to share this happy moment. It was my way of keeping her close to it all,” William said.

Princess Diana’s engagement ring is not the only controversy in the British Empire. The princess’s style, which tends to be “eccentric”, also puts her in the public eye.

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