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5 Facts About Kim Yoo Jung, The 20th Century Girl Gambler Who Became An Artist From The Age Of 4

Kim Yoo Jung recently garnered attention after successfully impressing the public with Netflix’s 20th Century Girl. This South Korean actress is no stranger and has been working in the entertainment industry since childhood. Come on! Getting to know Kim Yoo-jung more closely

Kim Yoo Jung grew up in front of the camera. She began her career in the industry as a four-year-old commercial model and then starred in popular Korean dramas such as “Love in the Moonlight” and “Rookie from the Gateway”.

The 23-year-old actress stepped into the spotlight when she recently starred in the Netflix series Girl of the 20th Century. Playing a wide-eyed high school student who falls in love for the first time, Yoo Jung continues to solidify his place as one of the most promising Hallyu stars of his generation.

Get to know Kim Yoo Jung better by reading the interesting facts below:

Kim Yoo-jung
Kim Yoo-jeong, female player of the 20th century Photo: doc. Instagram @you_r_love

1. Debut Kim Yoo-jung

Born on September 22, 1999 in Seoul, South Korea, Yoo Jung made his debut when he was four years old. At the time, he was modeling for a grocery brand.

The little girl has become one of the most coveted child actresses in Korea. In 2004, he appeared in the MBC drama Freezing Point. She had a supporting role as a young Shin Chae Kyung in Princess Hours in 2006. She played the younger version of the character played by Yoon Eun Hye who is engaged to Crown Prince Lee Shin played by Joo Ji Hoon (Kingdom). .

Kim Yoo Jung played an important role in the TV series Dong Yi in 2010. He also returned to the role of an unforgettable player in the drama Moon Embracing the Sun in 2012.

2. Kim Yoo-jung’s agency

Kim Yoo Jung signed up with Awesome ENT. Apart from Yoo Jung, they also manage celebrities such as Park Seo Joon, Lee Hyun Woo, Han Ji Hye, and more.

3. Peri Sageuk

In Yoo-jong’s two decades of filmography, one of the genres he has frequently acted in is sageuk, or historical drama. From playing Shin Chae Kyung in “Princess Hours” to playing Hong Chung Gi in “Red Sky Lovers,” this Generation Z star has proven to specialize in bringing the past into the present. Because of the many hanbok-clad characters she embodies, viewers have dubbed her “Sageuk Fairy”.

Kim Yoo-jung
Kim Yoo-jeong Photo: doc. Instagram @you_r_love

4. Dramas by Kim Yoo-jung

She was already a child prodigy when she appeared in the 2015 drama Angry Mom as Oh Ah-ran. His name also took off when he played a role in Love in the Moonlight with Park Bo Gum in 2016.

In 2018, Yoo Jung had to take a break from her busy schedule when she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and underwent surgery to correct it. He took a break to recuperate and returned later that year in the drama Cleaning With Passion Now.

Yoo Jung then returned to bring attention to Ji Chang Wook because he was in a drama called Backstreet Rookie together. The series, which aired in 2020, is already his 31st drama.

5. Awards

Kim Yoo Jung received her first SBS Drama Award at the age of nine for her role in Iljimae. This was followed by more Best Actress awards at the prestigious MBC Drama Award, Asia Artist Award and Baeksang Art Award, the last of which was for her performance in Love in the Moonlight.

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