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5 Expensive Actresses Voted Most Beautiful in 2022 Have an Alluring Aura!

The alluring beauty of Korean actresses is already No one should doubt yes, Beauties. Not surprisingly, South Korea itself is often synonymous with image youth, skin luminousetc.

Among many frequent Korean actresses behind the scenes on screen or the big screen, some of which have successfully won awards the most beautiful Korean actress according to a poll conducted by King Choice in 2022. this is.

These results were also obtained from vote made by fans, beauties. Anyone curious? Check out 10 names below!

1. Kim Ji-soo


Jisoo from BLACKPINK
BLACKPINK Jisoo/ Photo: instagram.com/sooyaaa__

IdolAn actress whose name is becoming more and more radiant in 2022, namely Kim Ji Soo, managed to become the most beautiful actress in the King Choice version of “Beauty”. Not Surprisingly, he also holds the position visual as a group, BLACKPINK really has an extraordinary unique beauty.

Even when appearing in dramas Snowdrop (2021), there is a scene where Jisoo washes his face and shows naked face-his. Even without makeup, the beauty of this woman born in 1996 is still “on another level”!

2. Kim So Hyun


Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun/ Photo: soompi.com

Starting her acting career at an early age, Kim So Hyun is known for her baby face even before she grew up. Her beauty is visible clean as well as innocence also able to make people “feel at home” for a long time to see him.

Starting with an interview with Kim So Hyun together Official Singapore, he claimed to have some beauty tips. Starting with avoiding stress, eating foods that are good for the body and face, and massaging the body and face.

3. Seo Ye Ji

Seo Ye Ji in Korean drama 'Eve'
Seo Ye Ji in Korean drama Eve/ Photo: instagram.com/tvn_drama

Possessing firm and “fierce” facial features, Seo Ye Ji has a seductive beauty with a “luxurious” aura. Not only that, her slender posture also perfected her appearance.

One of the episodes get it beautySeo Ye Ji shared some of the skin care tips she does. From gentle cleansing around the eyes to cleansing the face with cleansing water.

By making gentle movements, it helps to avoid wrinkles in the facial area.

4. Lee Se Young

Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young/ Photo: instagram.com/seyoung10

Next up is Lee Se Yeon, one of the most beautiful Korean actresses by King’s Choice in 2022. Her visible beauty luminous and natural also has its “secrets”, beauties.

launch Alk pop and interview together Marie Claireexercises such as running are a way to maintain a healthy body as well as shape self love. In addition, he regularly puts on a mask before going to bed to keep his face in good condition.

5. Kim Go Eun

Possessing amazing acting talent, Kim Go Eun successfully brings out the personality of Oh In Joo.
Drama Kim Go Eun “Little Women” / Photo: twitter.com/CJnDrama

An actress who is synonymous with eyes monolith This beauty has a unique face and beauty. Even in his daily life, Kim Go Eun often appears without makeup at all, but still looks just as beautiful. you know.

launch dramashe does this so that his skin can “breathe”, given that he uses it often makeup, put up during filming, attending important events and so on. The skin care products that Kim Go Eun uses include serum, moisturizer, face oilbefore fog face.

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