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Amazingly, these actors and actresses perform action scenes without stuntmen!

Usually, dangerous scenes in Korean dramas are not performed directly by the actors, but instead, stuntmen or stuntmen are used.

However, some of these actors and actresses prefer to film action scenes without assistance. stuntman, beauties! Guess who’s there, huh?

1. Ji Chang Wook


Ji Chang Wook in The K2/Photo: asianwiki.com


Drama K2 this is the first drama shootingit uses the Bullet Time effect from The Matrix, where many cameras give the impression that time has slowed down. This drama also shows various types of martial techniques such as jiu-jitsu, aikido, and taekwondo.

Interestingly, Ji Chang Wook performs all these dangerous stunts himself, so he needs to undergo special training in martial arts. Chang Wook said that shooting this drama is really quite complex.

2. Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seung Gi The Vagabond/ Photo: asianwiki.com


Lee Seung Gi is known for his outstanding acting in dramas. Tramp. Lee is said to have practiced various difficult scenes that are difficult to pull off even for professional stuntmen.

Prior to filming, the actor who became famous for the drama My Girl Gumiho it trains very hard to shooting the drama is running smoothly.

3. Lee Min Ho


Lee Min Ho from City Hunter/Photo: asianwiki.com


For action scenes in City Hunter, Lee Min Ho also refused to use a stunt double. Where he had to act, flying over the car, against eight stuntmen, even getting injured several times.

Yang Kil Yong, in charge of martial arts in City HunterLee Min Ho’s incredible acting is often praised.

4. Han Seo Hee


Han Seo Hee of My Name / Photo: asianwiki.com


In order to act out all the action scenes herself, Han Seo Hee practiced for almost four months before filming began on “My Name.” AT My NameHe played Ji Woo very well.

Many are amazed that this beautiful actress can play all the action scenes in the drama.

5. Jun Ji Hyun


Jung Ji Hyun of The Thieves/ Photo: asianwiki.com


Jung Ji Hyun starred in many action films, no wonder fans nicknamed him Goddess of Action. In movie The thieves Starring Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun. The actress plays a super thief who can do a lot of stunts like climbing and jumping over buildings.

Surprisingly, most of these scenes were performed by the actress herself. For example, in one of the scenes, he jumps from the floor with a glass of wine. Viewers praised Jung Ji Hyun for his courage in these risky scenes.

So, who is your favorite actor or actress?

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