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Meet 3 Important Characters of Night butterfly (2022), Indonesian Web Series

Night butterfly is the latest Indonesian web series to grab viewers’ attention recently. The series stars Michelle Ziudit, Kenny Austin, Rizki Nazar and Luqman Sardi.

Night butterfly tells the story of Laura (Michelle Ziudit) who lives alone with her younger brother Dani (Muhammad Faqih Aladryus) after the death of both of their parents.

These conditions forced Laura to act as Dani’s sister and parent. The problem was even more complicated because Dani had heart problems, due to which he often had to receive resuscitation and medication.

This situation forced Laura to go to great lengths to raise enough money to pay for Dani’s treatment. He decided to become a night butterfly after he received an offer from Rachel (Dinda Kanyadevi), whom he calls his mother.

Despite prostitution, Laura adheres to several principles at work, which her pimp also supports. This caused one of Rachel’s VVIP clients to be curious and persistent in trying to win Laura over.

Let’s meet the 3 important characters from Night butterfly.

1. Laura

Night Butterfly Series (2022)
Michelle Ziudit as Laura and Muhammad Faqih Alaydrus as Dani in the series Night butterfly (2022). Photo: (MD Entertainment/PT Umbara Brother Films via IMDb)


Laura (Michelle Ziudit) is a smart student whose life has completely changed after being abandoned by his parents. At first, he worked odd jobs to raise a lot of money to pay for the care of his younger brother.

However, the situation escalates and a sense of hopelessness leads her to become a prostitute. During his work, he has principles that are often passed on to his clients, such as not wanting to kiss and one client will only be served once.

2. Rachel

Night Butterfly Series (2022)
Dinda Kanyadevi as Rachel and Jennifer Collard as Indy in Night butterfly (2022). Photo: (MD Entertainment/PT Umbara Brother Films via IMDb)


Rachel (Dinda Kanyadevi) is Laura’s pimp. Initially, he hired Laura as a waitress every time he hosted an event. However, he invited Laura to be his “child” after learning of the problems he faced.

As Laura’s mom, Rachel respects Laura’s principles or rules as long as they don’t get in the way of her work and income.

3. Arif

Arif (Luqman Sardi) is a wealthy businessman who has become an investor in many companies and even hospitals. He is also one of Rachel’s VVIP clients.

He paid so dearly to be with Laura. Their first meeting was imprinted in Arif’s memory, so he tried to meet Laura again.

However, Rachel told Laura the principle. Arif didn’t care either, so he was willing to pay more to be with Laura.

He also started stalking Laura and using the people around Laura just to meet her.

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