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Montana Meiland relationship stranded after eight years: ‘You’re still my everything’ | Show

The relationship between Montana Meiland and her boyfriend Dirk has ended after eight years. The reality star announced this on Instagram on Wednesday. “We love each other, but each one follows his own path,” Montana said in a brief but forceful message on the social network.

Montana and Dirk recently talked about wedding plans, but it will never happen again. Meiland’s descendant announced yesterday that her relationship with Dirk has come to an end. “We have had great moments together, but sometimes there comes a time to let go. We love each other, but we each go our own way,” Montana writes.

Dirk also makes himself heard on Instagram. ‘After everything that has happened around us in recent years, we have changed, positively and negatively, consciously and unconsciously. This can only be achieved by letting go of the moment and seeing what the future holds. We love each other and will remain good friends in any case.

Dirk states that Montana will continue to be “his everything” and calls his in-laws, Erica and Martien, “fantastic people.” He continues: ‘I’m also very sorry that you’re having to go through this after the wonderful eight years we’ve had.’

The two hope to process the break in peace. “Let’s hope everyone respects the difficult period we are going through. Therefore, we will not speak to the press or the like on this topic,” says Dirk.

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