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The ‘celebrity’ in bed turns out to be a loved one Christian hasn’t seen for years: ‘We’ve had bad years’ | show

Chantal’s Sleepover734,000 spectators watched last night how Chantal Janzen offered an emotional reunion Chantal’s Sleepover. For once, the mystery guest at the ‘wiring game’ was not a Dutch acquaintance, but someone entrant Christian had been missing for years after a major loss.

Kirsten and her husband Christian have had a hard time, says Chantal on her RTL 4 show. The woman has the so-called Stiff person syndrome (SPS), a progressive neurological disorder in which muscles become stiff and painfully contracted. Partly because of this, she does as many fun things as possible. Kirsten is in a wheelchair, so Christian comes often. Even if he himself is not too excited about an event.

unexpected surprise

After the question of whether he was really looking forward to Chantal’s party, he had to think. “Um…yes,” she concluded herself. Fortunately, tonight became his night, precisely because Kirsten always drags him everywhere. Christian is originally from Chile and his brother Tito still lives there. Because Kirsten and Christian have children, it is not easy for them to travel to South America. And that while the brothers really need each other right now: in corona time they lost their parents. Three years had passed since the last time Christian saw his brother.

Kirsten burst into tears when it became known who was in bed next to Christian. © R.T.L.

His evening couldn’t go wrong when Chantal surprised him with a video message from Tito and his wife. Christian and Kirsten were crying as Tito wished the couple luck for the game they were about to play. In that game, ‘Who’s in the spare room?’, the participants enter a completely dark room with a bed. There lies a celebrity, whose identity they have to guess with clues they perceive by touch.

no celebrity

At least he’s usually a celebrity, Chantal said now. In the room, Christian found a passport, a plane, a stuffed llama, a poncho, and chili peppers. Kirsten was blindfolded, but she was already getting a little excited. After all, the llamas are found in Chile, the poncho was a typical South American model. In terms of celebrities, clues could still point to Hello GoodbyeMexican music star and lover Joris Linssen, but Christian and Kirsten had it figured out.

“Are you Tito?” Christian asked the person under the covers. He answered ‘Y‘, because he was in fact her brother. The men hugged and kissed, while Kirsten broke down in tears at Chantal’s. Once Tito was out of bed, Kirsten fell into her arms as well.

To Christian's surprise, there was no celebrity in the bed, but his brother Tito.
To Christian’s surprise, there was no celebrity in the bed, but his brother Tito. © R.T.L.

“The last time I saw him, my father had passed away,” Christian said happily. “We’ve had bad years.” The couple didn’t win the top prize of a holiday to Sri Lanka at the show, but the prize couldn’t have been greater than the reunion.

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