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Dancing with the stars 2023, the second episode tonight on Rai 1

dAfter months of waiting and spoilers savored with expert skill, Milly Carlucci returned to Rai 1 on Saturday with Dancing with the stars 2023. Tonight at 8:35 p.m. Rai 1 the second episode airs, which promises to be livelier and less quiet than the first. And the jury is already ready to have fun with the votes, often very severe, a harbinger of bitter arguments with the competitors.

“Dancing with the Stars”, Milly Carlucci plays a joke on the audience: «Renewed jury»

Dancing with the stars 2023second episode: previews

Entering the field are: Lino Banfi and Alessandra Trípoli, Ricky Tognazzi and Tove Villfor, Simona Ventura and Samuel Peron, Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca, Carlota Mantovan and Moreno Porcu, Teo Mammuccari and Anastasia Kuzmina, Sara Croce and Luca Favilla, Paola Perego and Angela Madonia, Giovanni Terzi and Giada Lini, Lorenzo Tano and Lucrecia Lano.

Tonight’s episode begins with the confrontation between Antonio Caprarica and Rosanna Lambertucci. Last week they took last place and now they compete on the track to defend their place within the cast. The victory of one of the two will be declared the jury, composed of Carolyn Smith, Fabio Canino, Selvaggia Lucarelli, Guillermo Mariotto and Ivan Zazzaroni.

At the end of the play-off, the losing couple is eliminated. However, You will be able to return to the game thanks to the repechage of subsequent episodes.. A file that can change the rankings and the course of events. Last year, in fact, the repechage was a real salvation for Luisella Costamagna, who won the edition together with Pasquale La Rocca.

“Dancing with the Stars 2023”, Simona Ventura and Samuel Perón. (Getty Images)

The competitors that have already excited us

The program just debuted. It will air until December 23, the road is long, but The cast comes across as strong and interesting on television.. The second round will take place tonight. That means that, after breaking the ice, now Competitors prepare to go out on the track without any protection.. Judges will no longer be magnanimous or turn a blind eye. Thus begins the series of 0, 2 and 4 assigned without many scruples.

At the moment At the top of the ranking is Lino Banfi, who moved everyone with the waltz dedicated to his wife Lucía., who passed away last February. A performance interrupted by tears, which was followed by long applause from the audience and the jury’s number 10 shovels.

Simona Ventura is the competitor capable of stealing attention with just two Cha cha steps. Last week he performed a samba, but he could have danced anything. He is an animal on stage and television is his profession. It will have many surprises in store for you. he will do the same Paola Peregohis companion a Rai 2 intercom, for which Dancing with the stars 2023 represents the pass to abandon rigidity who have always accompanied her.

“Dancing with the Stars 2023”, Wanda Nara and Pasquale La Rocca. (Getty Images)

TO Dancing with the stars 2023the elegance of Carlotta Mantovan and the kindness of Mammucari

Another dancer destined to grow and conquer the jury and the public is Carlotta Mantovan. She accepted after participating in the last edition as a Dancer for a Night. For her, dance is something unattainable. She defined herself as rigid, unaccustomed to the impalpable movements of dance, unlike her daughter Stella., who on the other hand is an expert dancer. Besides, Dance represents a rebirth after the death of her husband, the unforgettable Fabrizio Frizzi. His was an elegant and intense performance.

Then there is Wanda Nara, another woman who wants to make herself known and get involved. She comes to Milly Carlucci’s court after a period in which she had to deal with a major health problem. Now She wants to tell herself who she is and not just as the wife of soccer player Mauro Icardi. It’s not a small detail, won the jury.

Expanding our look at the rest of the cast, Teo Mammucari represents solidarity. At the end of the Boogie, she indulged in a fun exchange with the judges. Line after line, he created a spectacular moment. The gossip part, however, is for Lorenzo Tano. Rocco Siffredi’s son dances with Lucrezia Lando and last week there was no shortage of speculation about their increasingly complicit relationship. Is it really like that or is it a nice joke to catch the public’s attention?

The jury of “Dancing with the Stars 2023”, from left to right: Fabio Canino, Ivan Zazzaroni, Carolyn Smith, Guillermo Mariotto and Selvaggia Lucarelli. (Getty Images)

Pooh Dancers for a Night

The dancer returns for a night that this week becomes Dancers for a night. Yes because Pooh takes the stage at the Rai Auditorium of the Foro Italico. Roby Facchinetti, Dodi Battaglia, Red Canzian and Riccardo Fogli They are ready to let loose and win over the jury. Their score then becomes a treasure that Alberto Matano assigns to one of the competing couples.

One of the longest-running bands in the history of Italian music returns on tour that toured the Peninsula from North to South, another success after more than fifty years of career. In addition to practicing the art of dance, the four perform a medley of their most famous songs: I will sing for you, Who will stop the music? my Thought.


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