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Does this amazing character from ‘Ted Lasso’ also deserve a second chance?

In a series about second chances, this character also returns at the last moment.

ted lasso is a series about positivity and perseverance… and second chances.

jamie tartt

We meet Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) in season one as an arrogant little talent who gets blood under the fingernails of veteran Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein).

In later seasons, Tartt has changed. He has become a team player, he still has a big ego but he uses it for better things.

Even his “nemesis” Roy Kent is now more of a friend and mentor. So much so that Jamie comes over to celebrate “Uncle’s Day” and even gives him a present.

Nate “The Great” Shelley

Nate’s character (Nick Mohammed) has had quite a run.

From the material man who barely spoke his words to the brilliant assistant coach at AFC Richmond, and then as head coach at West Ham United.

A lot has gotten in Nate’s way. Jealousy, ego, arrogance… Nate went from being one of the most beloved characters to one of the most hated when season two ended.

And now, in his third season, Nate is returning to the hearts of viewers.

cardigan welton

Rebecca began her career as head of AFC Richmond as an enemy. The purchase of her from coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) was designed to derail the team. The subsequent loan of her from Jamie Tartt to Arsenal as well.

All this to destroy the team that her ex-husband Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head) loved so much.

But little by little, Rebecca falls in love with Ted Lasso’s style. She gets closer to the team. All of this comes together in episode 10 of the third season.

It’s also in this episode that Rebecca is finally able to let go of her past with Rupert and really see football as a beautiful game, rather than something she has to destroy because Rupert loved it.

Rupert Manion

Rupert was the stereotypical villain who played on the emotions of his victims.

He cheated on Rebecca, he seemed to have improved a bit in season two when he had a family, but he was soon cheating again.

In the last episode of ted lasso seems to have found some humanity in Rupert after all.

At the very least, it becomes clear that, in a way, Rupert really did love Rebecca after all.

ted lasso appears two more times on wednesday AppleTV+. The end of the series can be seen from May 31.

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