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Best Super Bowl 2023 Commercials: No Crypto, Lots of Stars

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Forget the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. The game is worth watching only during the halftime break. What stars and brands are joining forces this year? These are the most striking commercials of the Super Bowl 2023.

Did you already know that Rihanna will be performing at the halftime show, as well as the comedic return of Jesse and Walt from breaking bad no longer surprising

Grab the popcorn, thanks to these commercials it promises to be a Super Bowl of Hollywood proportions. What hits: no cryptomany streaming services.

The best commercials during the Superbowl 2023

Starting with Rocky, recently retired.


In the Netherlands, Paramount+ merged under the name SkyShowtime. But across the pond from the Atlantic, Sylvester Stallone must help the streaming service compete against bigger fish. Of course, there is no better weapon than a commercial during the most famous event in the United States.

Netflix x General Motors

About streaming wars spoken. It blares endlessly in this commercial during the Super Bowl. Together with Netflix, Will Ferrell tries to convince you that General Motors electric cars are much better than those of Twitter. Sorry Tesla.

uber one

Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs won’t be joining you with food anytime soon. Or the other stars auditioning for the legendary producer and rapper during this Super Bowl 2023 commercial.

kings project

Kevin Hart, Ludacris and Tony Hawk tell you who has the best chance of winning Super Bowl 2023. At least the Kansas City Chiefs dress like winners.


And of course Heineken could not be missing during the Super Bowl in 2023. The percentage of alcohol and Ant-Man symbolize the salary we earn on average compared to our Dutch pride.


Then have a beer with Kevin Bacon. Let’s just hope the actor doesn’t die just before the Super Bowl starts. someone bacon?

Royal Crown

It could be on Dave Grohl’s shopping list. And if Crown Royal isn’t in the Super Bowl VIP area, the Foo Fighter singer will certainly find it in this whiskey webshop that’s now also set up shop in the Netherlands.


If you like John Hamm brand mayonnaise (mad Men) in Brie Larson (captain marvel) together in a fridge to make a ‘Ham and Brie Super Panini’, then you are very big. Peter Davidson (the suicide squad) completes the party.

All commercials followed

There are plenty more commercials to watch during Super Bowl 2023. See all commercials here.

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Best Super Bowl 2023 Commercials: No Crypto, Lots of Stars


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