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Breaking Bad is back thanks to the Super Bowl

breaking bad is back for a while thanks to the Super Bowl. The original team, including the series creator, came together to create an eye-catching commercial for… popcorn.

Of 9.5 on IMDb already says enough: breaking bad It is undoubtedly one of the best series of all time. The best, many hardcore fans will even claim.

Breaking Bad is back, again

Therefore, the hype was huge in 2019. The way came to light, a Netflix movie in which Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul once again shared the screen as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The almost iconic chemistry teacher and student from the series made his after six years. go back. Three years later, last year Better call Saul also for a reunion in the form of a brand new retrospective scene-scene.

Fans won’t have to miss their favorite series for long, because after just six months, Cranston and Paul are back in character. In fact, breaking bad it’s back. For a moment. We’re talking about an ambitious commercial that will air during the Super Bowl next Sunday.

Popcorn, the drug par excellence

Popcorners snack maker apparently had a budget you tell him, because breaking badcreator Vince Gilligan was given a bag of money for a royal meeting commercialway of writing and directing With Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. In other words, the original team is back together for a while.

In the commercial, Jesse looks in awe at the new drug that Walter White has managed to develop: air-cooked popcorn. The ex-student cannot stay on the sidelines. “No, we do not eat our own supply.Walt warns his student. You can see the rest for yourself in the clip below:

Not a cheap milking parlor

Sure, the end result is and remains an advertisement, so commercial sauce drips from it. However, that doesn’t alter the fact that calling in Gilligan himself has been a coup. He assures that it is mainly a nod to the breaking badfans has become, a piece of nostalgia, rather than exploitative. An ad that makes you laugh. That was also important to Bryan Cranston: “PopCorners’ desire to create a true expansion of the franchise and a campaign that fans of breaking bad it would really excite is what convinced us”.

In other words: not all random ideas and bags of money turn the team. Aaron Paul is also excited: “There’s nothing better than reviving characters who mean so much to us, surrounded by so many original cast and crew members, for the most exciting sporting event of the year.”

Breaking Bad Popcorners wins back the Super Bowl
the boys are back (Image: popcorn)

See you Monday

Speaking of which, it won’t be until the Super Bowl itself that the full commercial will be shown, so be sure to check out YouTube next Monday, where Popcorners will no doubt be uploading the full masterpiece. Meanwhile, we are rocking the first episode of breaking bad to Netflix. Or check out the next episode of The last of us Now, because thanks to the same sporting event it will be released sooner than you think.

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Breaking Bad is back for a while thanks to the Super Bowl

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