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Apart from Super Junior’s Siwon, this is a number of K-pop idols born into the “Tajir-Melintir” family.

Quantity idol K-pop have worked hard to break into the world of music because they love music and because they want to have a better career.

However, there is also idol K-Pop who chose the difficult path of becoming an idol in order to fulfill their dreams despite being born into a wealthy family. you know, beauties! Who are they? Check out the following reviews, come on!

1. Siwon “Super Junior”


Siwon Super Junior/ Photo: pinterest.com

Although Siwon’s life on and off camera is simple and humble, this male idol was born into a wealthy twister family! Siwon’s father used to be the CEO of the famous Korean pharmaceutical company Boryung Medicine.

His family also owns Korean Slim Fashion and Hyundai Department Store, one of the largest department store chains in Korea. Despite being wealthy, this 35-year-old actor and Super Junior member is known to be very fond of helping others.

Since 2010, he has been involved in UNICEF campaigns. In 2015, he was appointed UNICEF Special Representative for South Korea.

2. Nichkhun “2PM”


2PM’s Nichkhun/ Photo: firstlook.co.kr

This 33-year-old Thai-American male, one of the K-Pop idols, was born into a wealthy family. Nichkhun debuted with boy band 2PM in 2008. Nichkhun was born in the USA and raised in Thailand.

He attended the same school as Prince Edward, the British aristocrat, namely Waganui University School, one of the best schools in New Zealand.

Nikhan’s mother is the CEO of Union Medical Thailand, a major distributor of pharmaceuticals. Because of this interesting fact, fans often refer to him as the “Prince of Thailand”.

3. Sooyoung “Girls’ Generation”


Sooyoung Girls’ Generation/ Photo: tvdaily.co.kr

Sooyoung is one of the members women’s group popular, Girls’ Generation. Idol This 32-year-old K-Pop actress comes from a prominent family. Sooyoung’s grandfather was the CEO of a well-known architecture firm in Korea who was hired to build the famous Seoul Arts Center.

Meanwhile, his father is the chairman of a manufacturing and construction company. His family owns many beautiful villas in the affluent area of ​​Seoul called Cheongdam-dong.

4. Minnie (G)-IDLE


Minnie (G)-IDLE/ Photo: tvdaily.co.kr

Idol K-Pop from Thailand, which is in women’s group (G)-IDLE is the fourth generation of Thais of Chinese origin. His family consists of important and influential people in Thailand. His grandparents run the business resort upper class.

Meanwhile, his uncle, Nat Yontararak, is one of the most famous Thai classical pianists of all time. Her mother also works as a pianist. resort upper class and his father is the president of the Bangkok YMCA Group in Thailand.

Not only that, his twin brother graduated from Chulalongkorn University, which is one of Thailand’s elite campuses. The Minni family is said to be part of the “Haissot (High Society)” in Thailand, which is a group of traditional Thai families of the wealthy and powerful.

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