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The story of Amelia Tantono, an Indonesian YouTuber who often dates K-Pop idols.

Amelia Tantono became known to the public after starring in the Korean drama Lunch Box. Paired with Korean actor Ji Soo, he became popular. Because of the Korean drama Lunch Box, Amelia Tantono started the Amelicano YouTube channel.

Since his acting debut on Drakor, Amelia Tantono’s Instagram account, @amelia_tantono, has over 30,000 followers. Many netizens have also asked Amelia Tantono to open a YouTube channel to show her life in Korea.

In 2017, full name Amelia Maria Tantono uploaded her first video to YouTube. Until now, he regularly shares Korean language, travel, and lifestyle videos every Friday at 6:00 pm WIB.

Amelicano’s YouTube channel itself currently has more than 483,000 subscribers. Shopee trusts content creator Amelia Tantono to host their annual event.

Inviting GOT7, GFRIEND and Stray Kids, Amelia Tantono managing an event hosted by Shopee. The woman, familiarly named Amel, is also a partner in many projects of Jang Hansol, the man behind the Korean YouTube channel Reomit.

Amelia Tantono, Indonesian YouTuber from the Amelicano channel
Amelia Tantono, Indonesian YouTuber from the Amelicano channel Photo: Doc. Personal Amelia Tantono

Living in Korea makes Amelia Tantono often travel to Jakarta on business. Before becoming known as a YouTuber, Amel was a student at Kyung Song University majoring in International Trade and Commerce in Busan.

Volipop Amelia Tantono also talked about her reasons for studying in Korea. “Actually, I didn’t think about going to college in Korea. But when I was in high school, there was an educational expo and there was a Korean university, Kyung Song University,” he said when Wolipop was contacted by phone on Saturday. (20.02.2021).

Starting as a freak, this woman, born on December 1, 1991, passed the Kyung Song University entrance exam and successfully entered. “Finally, I lazily asked, passed the test and interview. I was accepted,” said the youngest of three siblings.

Amelia Tantono, Indonesian YouTuber from the Amelicano channel
Amelia Tantono and Sunny Daye. Photo: Doc. Personal Amelia Tantono

Before leaving for Korea, Amelia Tantono first persuaded her parents to receive their blessing. “When I go abroad, my parents think about those around me, like going to Singapore or Malaysia. I never thought I would go to Korea. In the end, after persuading my parents, they gave me up and went to Korea,” he said.

The reason why Amelia Tantono studied in Korea actually started with the Korean drama fever. “In 2006, Full House was broadcast in Indonesia. Through watching it, I fell in love with Rain and became more interested in Korea. I studied Korea online and wanted to learn Korean,” said the 29-year-old. woman.

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