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These are 5 real reasons why you often fight with your partner!

Communication problems are not the main reason

Love relationships, especially marital relationships, are not only pleasant things or events, Beauties, Marriage is not only about spending time on dates in different places alone or talking about many things every day, as imagined or aspired to until consent is received or pronounced wedding vows.

In fact, marriage also requires hard work from the parties involved, one of which is the effort to maintain smooth communication. However, as Marriage reports, communication problems alone are not the only reason why you often fight with your partner, because there is usually still a root cause behind these communication problems!

Lots of screen time

Arguing couplePasangan illustrations / Photo: Freepik / stefarmepik

Mobile phones and the various fun apps built into them like Netflix are one of the greatest innovations in digital history. Nobody can dispute this fact.

However, too much time spent interacting with gadgets can lead to a lack of communication in a marital relationship. It’s hard to really focus on your partner despite being there for them when all you do is scroll post on social networks or watch your favorite movie on your phone.


excessive jealousyIllustrations by pasangan jealu/Photo: Freepik/@jcomp

Another problem in relationships is jealousy. One form of jealousy that can be shown is when you wonder who is texting your partner, or when you see them laughing with the opposite sex when you are not with them.

Assuming the worst that can happen in a relationship can ruin everything from mutual trust to communication in a relationship.

Rough sentence

Gemini often fails to please Pisces, despite the fact that Pisces is always patient with Gemini, they really cannot get along / Photo: pexels.com / Timur VeberIllustration of a quarreling couple / Photo: pexels.com / Timur Veber

It is difficult to listen to something that begins or contains harsh sentences that offend and hurt your heart. Rude sentences or words cause someone to get into trouble or even catch the hidden meaning of the message.

This is normal given that some people tend to become defensive when they are accused or verbally abused. Therefore, you should try to speak softer in order to solve communication problems in a relationship.

Unrealistic expectations

Your partner may not always know what you want or how you feel. They also can’t always try to focus on relationships because they also have life issues besides relationship problems, just like you do.

You should check your own expectations frequently to make sure they are always realistic because your partner’s excessive expectations are also one of the things that can hurt smooth communication.

Hiding feelings

Quarrel with spouse | Photo: freepik.com/yanalyaIllustration of a couple / Photo: Freepik.com/yanalya

Being honest about your feelings is one of the keys to good communication. It will be difficult for you and your partner to find purpose and go together in a relationship if one of you is not willing to be honest about each other’s feelings.

Invite your partner to promise each other that you will always be honest with each other and will work through all feelings and problems together, rather than hiding it on your own.

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