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The key to a strong and healthy marriage, these 4 topics should be discussed with your partner!

Ideally, the union of two lovebirds who love each other in a relationship status called marriage should ensure a happy family life for life.

However, in reality, the reality of family life or marriage is often very different from this description. This does not mean that married couples cannot be happy. Just to achieve the cherished happiness of a lifetime, all parties must work hard.

This is reported Wedding, one of the steps you can take to make a marriage better is to discuss topics of conversation that are quite essential and fundamental in a marriage. Anything?


Signs of financial abuse in a relationshipPasangan illustrations/ Photo: Freepik/tirachardz

One of the main reasons for divorce is financial stress. This is reasonable, given that money is directly proportional to all aspects of a family’s daily life. Therefore, an open discussion of financial issues is necessary.

Important things to discuss in connection with financial matters are personal spending habits, investments, debts, financial goals and plans, and financial security. Because of this, while you don’t need to know exactly how much money your partner is making, knowing a ballpark estimate will help in making these plans.

In general, the principles of financial management for each person may be different. Regular open discussions and the understanding that financial circumstances can change will allow couples to agree on financial goals and plans and enjoy their chosen lifestyle.


In addition to supporting growth and development, play activities also teach children to control their emotions.Illustration/Photo: Freepik.com/Freepik

The desire or unwillingness of one of the parties to have children is also something that should be considered in marriage. Discussions about children should also be regularly discussed in open discussions because perspectives on children can change over time.

For couples who want or already have children, the discussion of children focuses more on the desired number of family members. In addition to the question of the existence of children, it is also necessary to discuss discussions about parenting models so that conflicts do not arise in the future.

Great family ties

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Talking about your childhood and how you and your partner were raised will help you better understand their perceptions and attitudes towards family.

Marriage is the bond that binds two families together, so it’s important to understand the traditions and dynamics within a couple’s family to avoid unwanted conflicts. Talking about it frequently with your husband can help build understanding and strengthen your marriage.


Yes, conversations about communication are also important, because most relationships end because of a communication breakdown. The key to effective communication between partners is understanding the partner’s communication style.

Conflict in a relationship is not something that can be avoided, and talking about how each other deals with conflict can help you decide how best to handle disagreements so that both you and your partner feel heard about them as well cared.

Illustration of a conversation (Photo: Pexels/Jonathan Borba)

Illustration of a conversation (Photo: Pexels/Jonathan Borba)

Understand language of love from your partner can also help you love him better. So, we openly talk about the topic of conversation about language of love this is. Ask your partner to tell you what makes them feel loved. Ultimately, understanding this will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

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