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Top 3 South Korean tourist spots to visit in 2023

South Korea never ceases to amaze with its beauty. Not only is it filled with the charm of a city with tall buildings, but this ginseng country also holds various treasures that will surprise you.

Mountains, sea and land have their own charm, attracting tourists from different countries. Moreover, since the beginning of 2023, more tourists will be visiting South Korea, as the rules of social restrictions began to be relaxed.

Here are the Top 3 tourist places in south korea which will attract the attention of many tourists throughout 2023. For those of you who want to visit Korea on vacation, the following list may be a recommendation for your trip. Let’s see together, let’s go.

Seoul Tower

View of Namsan tower from afar.

SeoulTower/Photo: english.visitkorea.or.kr

Namsan Tower

The tower, which was previously used as a television and radio tower in South Korea, often appears on various travel shows. Whether it’s a domestic or overseas event, never forget to include Namsan Tower in your list of must-see tourist spots.

It can be said that, US National Institutes of Health, this tower has become a tourist icon in Seoul. No wonder if this place is always crowded every season.

Fun activities at Namsan Tower.

Love locks in Namsan Tower / Photo: english.visitkorea.or.kr

Namsan Tower is located at the top of Namsan Mountain. You can reach the summit by using the cable car or walking along the provided trail.

The beautiful view of the city of Seoul is the best gift when you climb to the top. Especially when you visit it at night. The flickering of city lights never ceases to please the eye.

Besides enjoying the scenery, you can also experience Korean culture through hanbok. This tourist place is also suitable for couples who are on vacation. You can have your name immortalized on a love padlock and enjoy a romantic dinner.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if Namsan Tower gets busy again in 2023.


push the shops.

Shopping in Myeong-dong/Photo: english.visitkorea.or.kr

For those of you who love shopping, Myeongdong seems like the right place to visit. This market, which sells a wide variety of things, is one of the main tourist destinations for tourists visiting Seoul.

Especially if you visit it in spring and autumn, there will be arrangements. Myeongdong festival. This seasonal event contains many interesting activities. Learn more about the culture of South Korea at the festival.

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