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These 4 countries are notorious for being quite difficult to get a visitor visa, do you still want to visit?

A visa is a document that must be presented to enter a country. It’s different with passport, The visa is used as a document to stay in the country.

According to the dictionary Oxford, A visa is a stamp or mark inserted into a passport by an official of a foreign country that gives permission to enter, travel or leave their country.

For holders of Indonesian passports, there are at least 65 countries that issue a visa-free regime when visiting the country. However, the rest need to apply for a visa at the relevant branches of the embassies. The process and costs associated with obtaining a visa are not small.

There are many documents and conditions that must be met in order for a visa to be accepted by the embassy. This is reported Times of India, the following countries are the most difficult to issue visitor visas. Listen!

1. Afghanistan

political turmoil that never ends, visiting Afghanistan is not recommended

Afghanistan/photo: freepik.com/Allexxandar

Afghanistan is indeed known as a country that is difficult to redeem with tourist visits. The reason is that the never-ending political turmoil forces the country to fall into the category of countries unfriendly to tourists.

It will be easier if you use a diplomatic passport between countries that have bilateral relations with Afghanistan.

2. North Korea

North Korea is known as a dictatorial country

North Korea / photo: freepik.com/natanaelginting

Who does not know this neighboring country, South Korea? Even North Korea itself is called hermit kingdom.

Because the country is very closed to the culture of people outside the country. To visit there, travelers must book tour The agent is still on vacation and can only fly from China.

Target tour agency to prevent travelers from doing anything outside the limits set by the North Korean government. Because if that happens, there are sanctions that travelers have to take.

3. Iran

Before applying for an Iranian visa, you need a visa confirmation code!

monuments in iran/photo: freepik.com/travelphotography

The visa policy of the country of Iran is quite complicated. When visiting for tourism purposes, travelers should contact the travel agent or relative who will host the visitors.

Later, travel agents and hosts will submit applications to the Iranian Ministry. Beauties can also apply for a visa on their own. If approved, a visa code will be sent later, which must be brought to the Iranian consulate along with other documents to apply for a visa.

4. Arab Saudi

The world of the Middle East is synonymous with the glittering luxury of malls, modern cities and exotic beaches. The same is true with Saudi Arabia. Despite this, Saudi Arabia’s visa policy is still quite complicated, especially for lonely traveler women who must have a guardian or person in charge while on leave. For couples, they are also expected to be married if they do not want their visa application to be rejected.

It turns out that this is difficult, aren’t the Beauties handling visas in these countries? Although it is somewhat difficult and creepy, but it should be comparable to the unforgettable experience that will be obtained later, right? Happy Holidays!

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