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3 annoying mistakes that people with high emotional intelligence would never make, what are they?

Human life is affected not only by intelligence or IQ. In fact, IQ or intellectual intelligence is just one of the many types of intelligence that exists in the world.

In addition to intelligence intelligence, there is also Emotional intellect High and low can also be seen in a person’s actions. According to Lamab Inc., this is not possible for people with high emotional intelligence to make various embarrassing mistakes That’s what makes his EQ questionable! Anything?

Using your own experience to improve the well-being of others

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Often in life, a person is forced to make a decision in which other people will be victims or at least suffer from the negative consequences of this decision. To reduce guilt, they usually try to entertain the other person with a certain topic of conversation.

Unfortunately, the topic that comes up most often is his experience or even his own feelings when he was forced to make this decision. In fact, what they should be doing is making others feel better, not themselves.

People with high emotional intelligence avoid this and prefer other people to feel what they need and deal with those feelings themselves because they know they don’t have the power to control other people’s feelings.

Assuming that other people agree on issues that are still under discussion

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People with high emotional intelligence will not assume that other people agree with what they think just because they are talking to each other sincerely, unless sentences or words of agreement actually slip from the other person’s lips. If they are unsure of the other person’s head or thoughts, they also tend not to say anything.

Talking about topics that are not agreed upon with the interlocutor can also be used as material for discussion by the interlocutor in other forums, which will cause more pros and cons that would not be there if they kept their mouths shut.

Speak without thinking about the feelings of those who hear it

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Often the emotions a person experiences make them feel like they are the only person who is important to listen to compared to other people. This inevitably leads them to say what they want to say without thinking too much about the negative impact on other listeners.

Even though the listeners are also those who have emotions, and they will react according to their understanding of the meaning of other people’s words. People with high emotional intelligence usually avoid this act of empathy by taking a minute or two to put together the words they want to convey so as not to hurt or offend other people.

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