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4 Healthiest Countries in the world. Wow, what’s the secret?

Everyone has their own decisions every year. There are many desires to be achieved. For example, dreams of a job or moving to another country.

Of course, there are many things to prepare before moving. One way is to find out the characteristics between countries. Don’t forget about the percentages of safety, health and comfort levels as well.

After the pandemic broke out, everyone became more aware of the importance of health. Here is a list of the healthiest countries in 2022 that can really be a reference for those countries you visit or live in.

1. Japan

Japan/ Photo: Freepik.com

The average Japanese life expectancy is 84 years. This, of course, is inseparable from the healthy culture that the locals have always lived.

From a culture of walking that allows people to keep moving, a culture of moderate high protein eating, to a culture of using public transportation to reduce the impact of pollution from private transportation. No wonder Japan is considered the healthiest country to live in.

2. Swiss

country with the nickname of the country with the highest life expectancy in the world

Switzerland/photo: pinterest.com/Sude Kıray

Switzerland is famous for its extraordinary natural landscapes. The Alps series, which pamper the eye with the best chocolate in the world, is already here.

Not to mention lifestyle healthy The average life expectancy of the Swiss earned her the title of country with the highest life expectancy. The reason is that people there prefer to eat food. fresh compared Fast food plus they prefer to go anywhere.

3. Norway

one of the Scandinavian countries with the best mental health facilities in the world

Norway/photo: pexels.com/andreea

Recently, the importance of maintaining mental health has become widely discussed. Especially in developing countries. However, in developed countries this problem is no longer new, so it is not surprising that mental illness is equated with fever in general.

One of them is Norway. In this Scandinavian country, people are prone to mental disorders and drug addiction. So Norway is the country with the largest number of psychiatrists in the world. The number reached 48.04 psychiatrists per 100,000 people.

4. Canada

the country is famous for its many social workers

Canada/photo: pexels.com/social-soup-social-media

Canada is known as an immigrant-friendly country. This country has special entry points for talented and professional immigrants who will subsequently be employed in various sectors.

In 2020, Canada was included in the list of countries with the largest number of social workers. In addition, as much as 10.79% of Canadian GDP is used for healthcare. Thus, we can conclude that the level of health there is very good.

Wow, the level of health in the countries above is extraordinary. So confused to choose where to settle. Which country will you choose?

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