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These 4 conditions are not only negative, but also allow you to be “selfish”

The selfish connotation is often interpreted as something negative. It is believed that selfish people do not care about the environment. It evokes a feeling of putting others before oneself.

However, there are times when it’s more important to prioritize, especially when it comes to our safety and mental health, beauties. Therefore, there is conditions that allow you to be selfish.

Famous therapist named Michelle Felder said that if we constantly give time and energy to others without intentionally giving time and energy to ourselves, it will be detrimental to our physical, mental and emotional health.

Then what conditions allow you to be selfish? Let’s explore.

1. When you need help

Such assistance as moral assistance is very important for the victims.Illustration/Photo: Freepik

Beauties, there is nothing wrong with asking for help from others when you are in a difficult situation, whether it is at work or waiting for the bus. Remember, people are social creatures who definitely need other people in their lives, including asking for help and giving help.

2. When you need a rest

when you need a break

An illustration of when you need a break/ Photo: unsplash.com/Daisy-Daisy

When you are tired of work, you can delegate tasks to trusted colleagues. Don’t think of yourself as a hero who can decide everything on his own. When the state of your mind and body is not in the best shape, it actually worsens the results of your work in the office.

3. When you don’t want to pick up the phone

When you don't want to answer calls

An illustration of when you do not want to answer the call / Photo: unsplash.com/LaylaBird

Currently weekend, sometimes the team leader or boss keeps calling about work. You can turn off your phone to rest. If you really don’t want to be disturbed during the holidays, you can have a good chat with the team lead.

4. When you want to change jobs

What passion and career to choose?/Photo: Freepik/benzoixIllustration/Photo: Freepik/benzoix

If you are bored with office tasks and colleagues toxic, you can change your career. It is your right as an employee to have the best work experience. However, communicate in advance so that it does not interfere with the office work system. You can happily leave your old office.

Being selfish or putting yourself first will provide physical, mental and emotional balance. When we “satiate” ourselves, we will be fully present to help the lives of those we care about.

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