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It’s winter again, here are 5 European countries to visit in December

The New Year holidays are getting closer. Perhaps you are choosing a destination and thinking about exploring the countries of Europe. Just so you know, it’s winter in most of Europe in December.

Here are the countries of the European continent which are suitable for visiting in December, definitely not these countries.  

1. Germany

Viewings in Germany

Landscape in Germany / Photo: freepik.com/wirestock

Almost most of the countries in Europe are worth visiting. In December, you can visit these countries, one of which is Germany. Germany is a popular destination in December for many reasons, most notably its famous Christmas markets. The country is home to hundreds of different markets, each with its own characteristics and uniqueness.

Germany itself is actually suitable for visiting all year round. However, in winter you can see the falling snow and complete the beautiful scenery.

2. Finland

Aurora Finland

Northern Lights of Finland/ Photo: freepik.com/wirestock

Finland is known as a country with a fairly cold climate. Therefore, many people decide to visit this country in the summer. Winter in Finland is no less stunning because it starts with a page Visit Finlandyou can see nature’s most impressive light show, the Northern Lights, although the seasons when this phenomenon is most active are actually autumn and spring.

You can also enjoy the aurora borealis and the surrounding scenery in a hotel or hotel with a glass design. Even though it is indoors, you can still pamper your eyes freely.

3. Italy

To ski

Skiing / Photo: freepik.com/wirestock

Typical with spaghetti, which seems to be delicious in summer. Not to mention the quality wine from the plantation itself, it turns out that Italy is also suitable for visiting in winter, including in December.

In December you can visit Northern Italy and the Dolomites. There are many ski resorts in the area with great mountain views. Especially in December, the snow usually falls and rises high, so it’s perfect for those of you who are crazy about skiing.

4. England

Winter in London

Winter in London / Photo: freepik.com/lookstudio

England really is a holiday destination that is often overlooked by tourists. December is also a good time to visit England because you can stop in the City of London this month to enjoy exquisite yet unique Christmas decorations and shop in the city’s small shops.

You will also find that many of the local streets have been turned into winter wonderlands for you to explore and shop for souvenirs. You can also stop by historic Harrods to buy unique toys and gifts, and visit the Christmas Grotto.

5. Austria

The next beautiful country in Europe that you can visit in December is Austria. At that time in Austria you can find Christmas markets and buy the usual unique trinkets. self made. What is quite popular is the Vienna City Hall Christmas Market, which is quite historical. Decorated with lights and candles that illuminate the city hall square.

Another popular and oldest Christmas market in Austria is the Salzburg Christmas Market. Set in the shadow of a historic church, you’ll hear the characteristic ringing of bells from time to time as you explore the stalls for shopping and culinary tours.

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