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Netflix releases a long list of new movies with big stars for 2023

Tudum! Netflix didn’t sit still with New Year’s Eve. The agenda for 2023 is already packed with new blockbusters. What movies stand out? From month to month, these are the biggest blockbusters and hidden gems.

One man’s death is another man’s bread. Within two weeks, a huge slate of movies will be gone from the platform, a void Netflix has filled with these hard-hitting new thrillers. But even if you don’t like that genre, don’t worry. The new offerings in 2023 are packed with top-tier movies. From sugary rom-coms to hard-hitting action movies.

Was the trailer too fast?

The best new Netflix movies of 2023

Given that Netflix will add no less than fifty new movies to the offer in 2023, we have highlighted the most striking of the month. You can see the complete list at the end of the article.

January 2023

No, this month can’t end without Pamela Anderson and Jonah Hill.

Your people

The highly anticipated comedy will premiere on January 27. Your peoplein which Jonah Hill fights with his father-in-law, Eddie Murphy.

netflix, new movies 2023, y'all
(Picture: Netflix)

Pamela, a love story

Starting January 31, this Netflix documentary follows the exceptional life story of Pamela Anderson, the sex symbol of the ninety.

netflix, new movies 2023, pamela a love story
(Picture: Netflix)

February 2023

Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher on the same screen? But first:

true spirit

On February 3, we follow a young Australian sailor who wants to circumnavigate the world alone in 210 days (strongly against the wishes of her mother, played by True Bloodstar Anna Paquin). Maybe you should take a hot air balloon after all, it looks like you can do it in less than 80 days.

netflix, new movies 2023, true spirit
(Picture: Netflix)

your place or mine

Well, Reese Witherspoon (or Ashton Kutcher, depending on your preference), as far as we’re concerned, she goes anywhere! Will this romantic comedy starring two Hollywood legends be the next big hit on Netflix starting February 10?

netflix, new movies 2023, your place or mine
(Picture: Netflix)

March 2023

Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sander and the return of a legend? Can we fast forward time now?

Luther: the fallen sun

Forget James Bond. Idris Elba will always be the gruff and headstrong Detective Luther. And certainly when the series with this movie has a sequel on March 10.

netflix, new movies 2023, luther
(Picture: Netflix)

murder mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler will once again don their best detective hats on March 31. But it is doubtful that the two bumbling detectives will be as successful as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

netflix, new movies 2023, murder mystery
(Picture: Netflix)

April 2023

April does what she wants. Take a trip to Vietnam, for example.

A tour guide to love

An American expat immerses himself in Vietnamese culture since April 27 after an unexpected breakup. Along the way, he finds adventure and romance with his Vietnamese expat tour guide as they decide to explore life and love off the beaten track.

May 2023

Another legendary Jennifer on Netflix?


Starting May 12, Jennifer Lopez stars as a killer who discovers her daughter is still alive and in danger in this action movie.

netflix, new movies 2023, the mother
(Picture: Netflix)

June 2023

It may be a while before we see Chris Hemsworth on stage again. So enjoy it to the fullest.

Extraction 2

First Extraction it was an absolute box office success and the sequel with Chris Hemsworth in the title role makes our mouths water again. The action movie will premiere on Netflix on June 16.

netflix, new movies 2023, extraction 2
(Picture: Netflix)

July 2023

But on July 3, the author of this article has a birthday, so write it down in your journal.

They cloned Tyrone

The story of the mysterious action thriller. They cloned Tyrone It doesn’t even matter why? John Boyega and Jamie Foxx. July 21 is the day to stock up on popcorn.

netflix, nieuwe films 2023, they cloned tyrone
(Picture: Netflix)

August 2023

Wonder Woman in the skin of a spy. Is it already hot underfoot?

Heart of stone

Gal Gadot is the only woman standing between her powerful global organization and the loss of its most precious and dangerous asset. Guaranteed excitement on August 11!

netflix, new movies 2023, heart of stone
(Picture: Netflix)

September 2023

Starting in September, thanks to Netflix, we will all be part of the Big Mile Club.

Love at first sight

In this romantic comedy, two airline passengers fall head over heels for each other. But once the plane reaches London, they are lost. Does fate close them again?

October 2023

Like leaves, October blockbusters fall from the Netflix tree.


A Dutiful Maid (Millie Bobby Brown from Strange things) will marry a handsome prince on October 13. But she discovers that the royal family has recruited her as a sacrifice to pay off an old debt. She suddenly has to rely on her wits and her survival instincts when she is thrown at the feet of a fire-breathing dragon.

netflix, new movies 2023, damsel
(Picture: Netflix)

pain scammers

Chris Evans, Andy Garcia and Emily Blunt in a crime drama. You don’t need any more information to stream this living room blockbuster on October 27th.

netflix, new movies 2023, pain hustlers
(Picture: Netflix)

November 2023

will be one Netflix-November to Remember?

a family affair

Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron are the big names on the bill for this romantic comedy, in which a surprising romance sparks a comedic love triangle. Posted on November 17.

netflix, new movies 2023, a family affair
(Picture: Netflix)


For an animated movie starring Adam Sandler and stand-up comedy legend Bill Burr, you can always wake us up. Set your alarm for November 22.

netflix, new movies 2023, lion
(Picture: Netflix)

December 2023

In December, Netflix takes us on a journey from Long Island to the edge of our solar system. And tour guides need to ring a bell.

Leave the world behind

Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke and Kevin Bacon they go on vacation together on December 8, but the trip is interrupted by strange news about an alleged blackout. As the threat continues to escalate, they must decide how best to survive the potential crisis. Is the world falling apart?

netflix, new movies 2023, leave the world behind
(Picture: Netflix)

rogue moon

Zack Snyder’s new movie will be released on December 22 rogue moon on Netflix. Met game of Thronesstar Michiel Huisman.

netflix, new movies 2023, rogue moon
(Picture: Netflix)

List of new Netflix movies in 2023

Check out the full list of new Netflix movies coming to the platform in 2023 below. Please note that not all exact release dates are known.

Movie Release date Gender
dog gone January 13th family drama
GUY January 20 science fiction thriller
Your people January 27th Comedy
Pamela, a love story January 31 Documentary film
true spirit February 3rd Adventure
Bill Russell: Legend February 8th Documentary film
your place or mine Feb. 10 romantic comedy
we have a ghost February 24th Adventure
Luther: the fallen sun March 10th detective
The Wizard’s Elephant March 17 Animation
murder mystery 2 March 31st action comedy
A tour guide to love April 27 romantic comedy
Mother 12 months Action
Extraction 2 June 16 Action
They cloned Tyrone July 21 action thriller
Heart of stone August 11 Action
Raise August 25th Action
happiness for beginners Summer romantic comedy
the perfect find Summer romantic comedy
Love at first sight September romantic comedy
Damsel October 13 Action Adventure
pain scammers October 27th Drama
The murderer November 10 suspense
a family affair November 17 romantic comedy
Lion November 22th Animation
Leave the world behind December 8 suspense
rogue moon December 22th Action
Astronaut Autumn Drama
NYAD Autumn Drama
players 2023 romantic comedy
Monkey Man 2023 Drama Suspense
kill boksoon 2023 action thriller
Victim / Suspect 2023 Documentary film
Bottle 2023 Adventure
the outlaws 2023 action comedy
Nimona 2023 Animation
Reptile 2023 Drama
the deepest breath 2023 Documentary film
the monkey king 2023 Animation
Untitled Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl film 2023 Drama
rustin 2023 Drama
shirley 2023 Drama
The Archies 2023 romantic comedy
choose love 2023 romantic comedy
Better. Christmas. Always! 2023 christmas movie
Teacher 2023 Drama
Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget 2023 Animation
Maximum Load (Review) 2023 Action
Chakda Express 2023 Drama

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