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Beijing Express 2023, TV8’s eighth episode: stages and tests

tlast date with Beijing Express 2023. Tonight at 9:30 p.m. TV8 the eighth episode of the reality show is broadcast Directed by Costantino della Gherardesca and Enzo Miccio. After crossing India and Malaysia, Competitors must travel 386 kilometers to discover the last country of the Camino de IndiasWhere this edition is set: Cambodia.

Beijing Express 2023: here are the competing couples

Beijing Express 2023eighth episode

We depart from Phnom Penh, the capital. This week There are four missions that couples must complete. In the first they have to memorize their partner’s name, written in the local language. Who will prove to be familiar with the Khmer alphabet or have sufficient memory capacity?

Then they head towards the Orussei market square and here they find a series of tuk-tuks. They have to get on the one with their name. If they make a mistake, they stay down. Once the correct tuk-tuk has been chosen, they can continue with the third part of the test.. That is to say They leave for the central market in search of some swimsuits Hidden inside post 110.

left the market, We advance towards Kep beach. They wear bathing suits and they go hunting for crabs. Once they dive into the sea, they must retrieve the vessel that contains them and drag it to the shore. For the test to conclude, they are asked to correctly separate the blue crab from the crab.

Krama, maps and perk test.

In the third mission we move to Kampong Speu. The goal is to learn how to use the krama, which is the traditional Cambodian headdress. which looks like a turban. Once they have memorized the four ways it is used, the test becomes even more difficult because they have to find one within the town. The greatest difficulty is found when they are called to learn how it is carried out and send a photo to Enzo Miccio so that he can determine if the mission has been completed or not. If so, you can turn to the Red Book of Beijing Express 2023.

In the end, The fourth and final mission of the eighth episode involves studying a map. They arrive at the Mister Sauve V farm located near the Ang Tek temple. The challenge is to consult the map. Find the four meeting points with some farmers.. at every meeting each contestant receives four jars containing palm sap. Obviously the jars must be transported to the farm, without dispersing the contents. After arriving at the farm, if they cannot pour the sap or spill even a small amount, they receive a fine. And before continuing towards the finish line of the stage, they are forced to wait five minutes.

Some of the couples competing in “Beijing Express 2023”: The Italian Americans, The Sicilians, The Educated. (Darling)

As usual, The advantage test is back. The first four classified couples face each other in a rice field. The challenge is in pairs. Each competitor positions himself on a log and fights, with the help of a stick, against the member of the other team. The person who manages to throw his opponent into the water wins. Whoever wins will obtain a position in the final stage classification. Besides, assigns a penalty to an opposing pair. This time it is a 20 kilogram bag to take to the next mission.

Beijing Express 2023Who was eliminated and who is competing?

the journey of Beijing Express 2023 almost finish. Week after week, those who resist are the strongest and with the greatest spirit of adaptation and speed of execution.

There are 5 couples competing for victory.: Italian Americans Joe Bastianich and Andrea Belgiore, The newlyweds Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta, the ages Salvatore Schillaci and Barbara Lomabrdo, the activists Giorgia Soleri and Federica Fabrizio aka Federippi and the mediterranean Carolina Stramare and Barbara Prezja.

Those eliminated so far are: The lawyers Alessandra De Michelis and Lara Picardi, hypochondriacs Darío and Caterina Vergassola, the educated Maria Rosa Petolicchio and Andrea Di Piero and mother and son Martina Colombari and Achille Costacurta. The latter, eliminated at the end of the sixth episode.


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