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The best superhero movie of 2023 isn’t from DC or Marvel

One of the most notable superhero movies of 2023 doesn’t come from Marvel Studios or DC Studios. meet Gray matteran HBO superhero movie that stems from a unique initiative.

It was always DC Studios who looked with envy at the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But in 2023, Marvel is having a hard time too. From the epic climax that Avengers Endgame the studio regularly misses the mark. The UCM has lost its focus, with all its consequences.

Marvel and DC stumble

Sure, blockbusters usually make enough money, but it’s abundantly clear that the superhero hype of the previous decade is coming to an end. The new spider-verse is luckily an exception to that rule, but you immediately have an exception.

Things are also subdued on the DC side. The new The flashThe film is doing poorly in theaters and was not very well received by the press either. Although we still have the reassuring thought that James Gunn, as the new studio head, will provide a fresh start. The flash was almost finished when the Guardians of the Galaxythe director joined there, so you can’t count on Gunn on that. His first production will not be released until 2025, Superman: Legacy.

HBO Presents Gray Matter Superhero Movie

Fortunately, DC Studios and Marvel Studios aren’t the only studios offering superhero movies. In fact, within the house of DC, a superhero movie that does not come from the comic book giant will be released next month. So we are talking about Gray matter, an original superhero movie coming to HBO Max on July 13. A streaming service that is already called Max in the United States, a transformation that is also about to take place in the Netherlands.

green light project

The film is the result of a great initiative: greenlight project, where filmmakers launching and developing their first film are followed and given the chance to realize their dream. Gray matter it got the green light and therefore could actually be done, making the superhero movie Meko Winbush’s directorial debut.

It tells the story of Ayla and her daughter Aurora. Both women have superpowers. As Ayla tries to teach her daughter how to wield these abilities, “a tragic incident puts Aurora in charge of her own destiny and forces Ayla to face the truth about her past.” It sounds mysterious, and the first trailer for HBO Max Original also (thankfully) reveals little.

breaks the uniformity

The little horror elements stand out, and indeed the overall tone. This is clearly not a popcorn blockbuster, as Marvel Studios continually delivers it. That Gray matter that uniform sausage seems to break through makes for an interesting superhero movie in one fell swoop. And hey, the movie is coming to HBO Max, so you don’t have to buy a ticket to see it. Between disappointing DC and Marvel movies, the directorial debut is definitely worth a shot, especially when the threshold is so low. In other words: until July 13!

Check out the trailer for the new season below. green light project. The show is captured on camera from start to finish, giving you a cool and unique look behind the scenes of Hollywood.

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The most interesting superhero movie of 2023 does not come from DC or Marvel

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