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The new 007 chases Spider-Man in the bloodiest Marvel movie

Meet the bloody first trailer of kraven the hunter, a new Marvel movie about Spider-Man’s nemesis. With the new James Bond!

Unfortunately, virtually every Marvel movie since then has fallen Avengers Endgame in exchange of. An epic climax was in the works for over ten years, but after that climax, the Marvel Cinematic Universe suddenly loses focus. Telling separate, compelling stories on a smaller scale suddenly becomes quite difficult.

Sony does score with Spider-Man

Fortunately, Marvel Studios isn’t the only store making Marvel movies. Sony Pictures still owns the film rights to Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s Foes. Fortunately, because the recently launched Through the Spider-Verse It’s a gem. Creativity shines through. You can hardly help but conclude that animation is the ultimate adaptation medium for comics, rather than live action.

However, on October 5th, Sony Pictures will have the opportunity to prove otherwise. Then hopefully for the second time this year the movie studio will show Marvel Studios how to make a strong Marvel movie with kraven the hunter. An 18+ movie about the comic book villain of the same name, a nemesis of Spider-Man who has been hunting down the superhero since his debut in 1964. The ultimate prey for a ruthless hunter.

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kraven the hunter

In kraven the hunter It’s Russian immigrant Sergei Kravinoff on a mission to prove he’s the best fighter in the world. The movie picks up before the confrontations between Kraven and Peter Parker, which are often recycled in the comics, making it something of a origin story of the Marvel villain. However, don’t immediately dismiss a confrontation between the two of you!

The villain is played by none other than Aaron Taylor-Johnson, according to a gaming channel and bookies, the new James Bond. Yes, the successor to Daniel Craig. He is great kraven the hunter it’s that Sony Pictures has clearly given JC Chandor, the director, complete freedom. In fact, the film is for people over 18 years of age. Rated R. The just-released first trailer immediately demonstrates why, with some gory and brutal action. This is a movie about a fighter, not your typical Marvel popcorn movie. Add to that a script from the writer of the first Iron Manmovie, and you have a recipe for a superior movie.

ruthless fighter

In addition to Taylor-Johnson, the cast includes kraven the hunter including Ariana DeBose as Calypso, Russell Crowe as Nikolai Kravinoff, Fred Hechinger as Chameleon, and Catch-22 star Christopher Abbott as the film’s main villain, The Foreigner. At least, wickedly from Kraven’s perspective.

Taylor-Johnson recently called the project “a Marvel movie that is deeply rooted in the real world. We know he is a ruthless hunter, a well-trained killer.” He enthused: “Hell yeah, it’s going to be R-rated!

dark movie

Russell Crowe, who plays Kraven’s father, also stresses that the movie is much darker than most fans would probably expect from a comic book movie. “I spoke to JC Chandor, the director, he’s very excited about what’s in front of him… Very excited about how people will receive it,” Crowe said. “I think I can pass… One of the things he said is that it’s an unexpectedly dark world.”

Until October!

Dark and bloody does not immediately mean that a movie also does well, but certainly after the strong one. Through the Spider-Verse and the intriguing first trailer, it’s clear that Sony Pictures has a promising movie on the movie calendar. The film will be released in Dutch cinemas on October 5. Be sure to check out the cool poster below, where you can already admire the new James Bond in all his regalia!

Marvel Sony Pictures Kraven the Hunter
???? (Image: Sony Images)

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New James Bond plays his nemesis Spider-Man in first bloody video

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