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Marvel Studios boss gives an update on the next Spider-Man movie

After a year of uncertainty surrounding the future of Spider-Man, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is reassuring fans. However, it’s not guaranteed that Spidey’s future will look the way fans might think.

Spider-Man fans are barely a year later no way home lots of content to look forward to. For example, this year is finally coming. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse outside. The sequel to perhaps the best film about the iconic Marvel superhero: Into the Spider-Verse. A gem of animation that has had a great influence on films and animation series from other studios.

Spider-Man goes crazy with the series

Plus, Peter Parker is finally getting his own live-action TV series. He chases down Daredevil, Loki and other Marvel heroes on Amazon Prime Video, with his own cinematic universe. Met Silk: The Spider Society in Spiderman Noir two shows have already been officially announced.

All great, but of course fans especially want to see Tom Holland on the big screen. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios raised $1.9 billion at the end of 2021 with no way home, so a sequel seemed inevitable. Still, there was almost certainly going to be another movie. The rights issues surrounding Spidey have already thrown a monkey wrench in the works, and Holland himself has also hinted several times that he’s probably done with the role.

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kevin feige (Image: EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT)

Marvel boss gives an update on the movies

Thankfully, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has an update for hungry fans. He’s doing an interview marathon for the new one. Ant Man but luckily, journalists can’t resist asking about Spider-Man’s fate either.

The mastermind behind the MCU doesn’t want to say much about it, but his response is reassuring nonetheless: “All I’m going to say is we’ve got the story. We have great ideas for that, and our writers are just writing now.”

So the studios are still on the drawing board, but the fact that Feige is hinting indirectly that there will be another Spider-Man movie is already big news. Especially now that Sony is collaborating with Amazon for its own series and given previous tough negotiations surrounding Tom Holland’s role in the MCU, it’s anything but obvious that Spidey may appear in Marvel Studios movies. The ugly truth remains that Marvel isn’t in control of its own biggest superhero.

What about Tom Holland?

Tom Holland said on the red carpet earlier no way home himself the following about his future as Spider-Man: “We tried no way home everything like the end of a franchise, you could say, ”said the young actor. He also noted that if Marvel and Sony tempted him to play Peter Parker again, the team “would still give him some time and try to build something different and give the movies a different tone.” In fact, he himself suggested making a live action movie about Miles Morales, the main character in Into the Spider-Verse.

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Tom Holland in No Way Home (Image: Sony)

Multiverse: can go in any direction

Therefore, it was and is anything but obvious that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures would continue on the same footing. Thankfully, Feige is now clearly reassuring fans: yes, there will be a new Spider-Man movie. Whether or not Tom Holland will swing on it, however, remains a mystery for now. Technically, Entertainment Weekly literally asked for “Tom Holland’s Peter Parker,” but Feige himself doesn’t name the actor. Plus, the introduction of Kang and the multiverse provides endless opportunities to introduce a different Spider-Man to fans.

At least Feige himself is looking forward to it: “I’ve been with Marvel for almost 23 years,” the studio head said in an interview. “Many of us have been together for ten years or more. And we only do it because we are so excited and in love with the potential of what lies ahead. The stories progress through stages 5 and 6 and finally into Avengers: Secret Wars the fusion and storytelling possibilities of the multiverse…it’s a whole new aspect of the MCU.”

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Marvel Studios boss gives an update on the future Spider-Man

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