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Avatar beats Marvel and gives James Cameron an absurd record

It’s official: Avatar the path of water has Avengers: infinity war defeated, making it one of the top five movies of all time. It gives James Cameron an absurd record as a director.

Just two months ago, James Cameron was ridiculed on the Internet. “As if in 2023 so many people are still interested in a new Avatar movie!” could you such skeptics Not to be mistaken: the 68-year-old filmmaker himself admitted in advance that it was going to be an almost impossible job.

Sheet music for Avatar: The Water Path

Avatar: The Path of Water it had to generate over $2 billion in turnover to even break even. And that’s for a movie franchise that we haven’t seen since 2009, and then we had to Avatar In addition, especially having the novelty of 3D.

Now, two months later, the future of Avatar looks completely different. The $2 billion is already well in, and the path of water it ranked in the top ten movies of all time earlier this year. James Cameron has already confirmed that the planned sequels will therefore also arrive.

EPA/NEIL HALL James Cameron Marvel Movies
James Cameron (Image: EPA/NEIL HALL)

The five best movies of all time

However, it doesn’t stop there. for now you can the path of water just go and admire it in the cinema, so that the counter keeps ticking. And how! Outstanding news has just arrived from America: Avatar: The Path of Water is Avengers: infinity war passed.

This has made Cameron’s passion project the fifth greatest movie of all time. That is to say per se It’s already a great achievement, an absurdly exclusive club, but James Cameron can put another claim on top of that. Another record, which may never be matched again.

James Cameron sets an absurd record

No less than three of the top five movies of all time have been directed by the Canadian. The other two films in his sleeve are Avatar ($2.9 billion) and titansc ($2.2 billion). Only Avengers Endgame ($2.8 billion) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2,071) are not led by Cameron. Outgoing: All five movies now belong to the Disney stable.

At the time of writing it has Avatar: The Path of Water it grossed $2.055 billion. With that, it is almost certain that the motion picture will also the force awakens it’s going to happen. In other words, it’s only a matter of time before Cameron gets his hands on three of the four greatest movies of all time.

As of December 20, 2024, we’ll know if the next Avatar movies can get any closer as well. Then the next movie comes out. Plus? See you in eight years, because then we could be talking about the top ten movies of all time full of Avatar movies. After all, we have now learned from Cameron that nothing is impossible in Hollywood…

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Avatar beats Marvel and gives James Cameron an absurd record

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