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The coolest version of Spider-Man has his own TV series

Spider-Man dates back to the 1930s Spiderman Noiran ambitious live-action series from Sony Pictures.

Arrives early June Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse finally out, the successor to In the Spider-Verse. After being postponed multiple times, the animated movie can rival the best Spider-Man movie of all time. In any case, the bar is high.

Mega deal around Spider-Man

Spidey fans have a lot more to look forward to. A mega agreement between Sony Pictures, Amazon Prime Video and MGM+ was recently announced, with the aim of serializing a cinematic universe– assemble series around Spider-Man.

The first show was immediately announced: Silk: The Spider Society. Of live action The series is about Cindy Moon, a Korean-American woman who is bitten by the same spider as Peter Parker.

Spiderman Noir

Now the following ambitious project has also been announced: Spiderman Noir. We go back to the thirties, where he is no longer Peter Parker but a still unknown main character Spider-Man. the gloomy live actionn series is written and produced by Oren Uziel, who, among others john wick 4, Mortal Kombat in 22 Jump Street on your resume.

Also, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are the geniuses behind it. In the Spider-Verse, on board. To what extent they are actually involved always remains a mystery in Hollywood, but nonetheless, the list of big names involved isn’t sickening. Amy Pascal, the former Sony boss who also directs the Tom Holland-starring Spidey movies, is on board as an executive producer.

mystery and comics

And also? In addition, it remains for both Spiderman Noir Yeah Silk: The Spider Society for advertisements only. Both live action The series has yet to receive a release date or trailer. Logical: the mega deal just got off the ground, so both shows are probably in development. We can expect the first images sometime next year at the earliest.

Fortunately, we still have the Marvel comics. In fact, the comic book giant even had an entire Marvel Noir universe back in 2009, featuring versions of its iconic characters inspired by classic noir movies. The noir version of Peter Parker lives on in New York City comics, where The great Depression leave your footprints. When a spider bites him, Parker is shown a vision, with a spider god granting him his superpowers.

Spider-Man Noir Marvel Live-action series
comics (Image: Marvel)

At the cinema

Since then, the character has not only appeared multiple times in the comics, but on the big screen as well. After all, observant fans have already seen a noir version of Spider-Man in In the Spider-Verse. None other than Nicholas Cage provided the voice for him for the animated film. There are several compilations of all of his scenes on YouTube.

A nice break while we get more news on the live action version of Spiderman Noir wait. Who knows, it might not be Disney+ soon, but Prime Video will be the place to watch the best new Marvel shows…

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The Coolest Version of Spider-Man Will Get His Own Live-Action TV Series

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