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The best Viking series on Netflix of 2023 is not Vikings: Valhalla

meet vinland sagaa rock-solid Viking series whose second season has just started on Netflix.

The second season finally came out last week. Vikings: Valhalla out, not even a year after the first season. Fans of the original series will be at their beck and call in the spin-off with spectacular action and great acting.

What happens after Vikings: Valhalla?

The Netflix Original takes place one hundred years after the original series and portrays the beginning of the end of the Viking Age. Luckily, there’s good news for fans who have already burned season two: Netflix immediately gave the green light for a second and third season in March of last year. A huge windfall, now that the streaming service is canceling big originals left and right.

The third season of Vikings: Valhalla It probably won’t release until early 2024, or if we’re lucky fall 2023. Sucks? Mwah, because fans of the best Viking work have already been treated to a huge prize by Netflix without realizing it. A sweetener that secretly even Valhalla knows how to overcome

Vinland Saga outperforms other shows

So we are talking about vinland saga, an epic animated series whose second season started on Netflix two weeks ago. Anime yes, but don’t let that put you off, especially if you’re a huge fan of it. Valhalla and other action-packed historical series. vinland saga it’s Japanese animation at its best.

The series, which is also extremely popular outside of Japan, began as a manga, meaning a Japanese comic, and follows the story of Thorfinn. The son of a Viking who has just improved his life and wants to lead a quieter life. A life that ends brutally when his father is cowardly murdered. Thorfinn has only one goal: revenge.

He tries to achieve that goal in an unorthodox way: he goes to work for the man who killed his father, hoping for a chance to kill him in a fair duel. No cowardly murder.

Action packed epic journey

That’s just the beginning, the origin story. What follows is a gritty action-packed epic journey, spanning decades and filled with elements based on the true story of the Vikings, such as the invasion of England.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Vinland casea is an animated series. In the first season, which consisted of 24 episodes of about 23 minutes, the show could easily compete with its live-action peers. series like The Wizard in game of Thrones you can learn something from the writing and strong characters that are conjured up on your screen.

Second season on Netflix

Fortunately, you don’t have to take that away from us. After more than three years of waiting, the second season of the Vikings series has finally started on Netflix, where you can also watch the first season. The threshold for giving a top series a chance could hardly be lower. He too IMDb rating of 8.8 I should say stop. Go see it people, go see it.

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The best Vikings series on Netflix in 2023 is not Vikings: Valhalla

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