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Review: Ms. Davis is the craziest series of 2023 | show

ReviewWho will protect the world against the excesses of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? A nun doesn’t seem like the most suitable person at first glance, but in the absurd action series Mrs. Davis anything is possible.

Mrs. Davis

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    Action Comedy (HBO Max)

Simone is the name of this sister who grows jam safely in a Nevada convent until she is harassed by more and more people who summon her with a message from Mrs. Davis to contact. Through earplugs, these figures, including even her parents, communicate with a shadowy organization that wants to recruit Simone (a wonderfully crossover role from Betty Gilpin). But the nun has her own will and even gets involved with a resistance group that wants to eliminate this AI.

It is not an everyday occurrence that has unfolded in a completely senseless way into a series of events that normally make no sense. Like a prologue set in the Middle Ages in an elite corps of crusaders made up of nuns who have cared for the Holy Grail. A jump to the present does not make things easier. By contrast, contemporary nun Simone also has no idea where she’s gotten herself with all those troublemakers around her.

Mrs. Davis sometimes it gives the viewer the feeling of having ended up in a surreal painting by Salvador Dalí. One plot twist is even more incomprehensible than the other. How about a competition around a giant version of the Excalibur sword that the contestants, including Simone’s ex, must hold for as long as possible?

Nothing is right in this six part series. Yet you keep searching, hoping for a logical explanation for some things. Or is it a vain hope? That is sure Mrs. Davis By far the craziest series of 2023.

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