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Review: The Night Agent is a hit on Netflix – what makes the series so good? | show

four starsAt first glance it seems the agent of the night in a nifty American serial that’s a dime a dozen.

the agent of the night

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    Spy Series (Netflix)

At first glance it seems the agent of the night in a nifty American serial that’s a dime a dozen.

An FBI agent plays a heroic role in a subway attack, but is later demoted to a White House switchboard operator who must be on call at night for emergencies due to all sorts of suspicions. One of those calls about an attack on two undercover agents changes the life of the agent in question, Peter Sutherland, forever.

What happens next in the agent of the night, one of the most viewed series on Netflix in recent weeks, results in an exciting plot with the key question; who is or is not good in the offices of the White House and the FBI.

For Sutherland, who has since taken care of Rose, a fugitive niece of the slain cop couple, the situation raises some tough questions about who to trust and who not.

That fact produces a paranoid series of plot twists that constantly send Sutherland on the run with Rose. She is a target because she witnessed the murder.

That the agent of the night So addictive is it that the series also contains amazing characters. Like the hit man couple who openly talk about their desire to have children because they also want to leave something more behind on this earth than a series of ruthless reckonings. And the head of the FBI, an American with an Asian background, is also not an obvious choice.

the agent of the night it also offers spirited chases and escapes that give the series a lot of momentum. The episodes fly by and each part contains a revelation that makes you want more. Not surprisingly, a second season has already been announced due to the favorable reception.

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