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Matthew McConaughey is Agent Geheim Elvis in the Netflix series

Elvis is back. Again. This time as a copy of Netflix’s James Bond, in his own animated series called agent elvis. Meet the first trailer, in which none other than Matthew McConaughey plays the iconic singer.

Austin Butler played a convincing Elvis last year in the drama film of the same name about the singer’s life. In fact, the 31-year-old actor says he’s still struggling to unlearn Elvis’ trademark accent.

Netflix presents Agent Elvis

The end of an era? For Butler maybe, but not for Elvis fans. Hollywood isn’t done with it yet suspicious minds-singer. In fact, Netflix outnumbers all other Elvis movies and series absurdly. Meet Agent Elvis, a new animated series from the studio behind In the Spider-Verse.

The streaming service released a new poster and trailer on what would have been Elvis’ 88th day. The King of Rock and Roll has a golden gun in his hands, because the “cop” in the new series’ title is there for a reason.

James Bond, but different

In agent elvis the singer is a secret agent. The show follows Elvis Presley as he is recruited by a shadow government organization, the CIA, who sends him on spy missions. A kind of James Bond, with his own baddies and gadgets. And with a chimpanzee as a companion.

It sounds like an absurd premise, but according to Priscilla Presley, it’s not. To say the least: Elvis’ ex-wife is involved in the production of the Netflix Original, having this to say about the approach in 2019: “Since Elvis was a child, he always dreamed of being a crime-solving superhero. He fought and saved the world.” !” agent elvis let him do just that.

Matthew McConaughey

The big question, of course, is who will replace Austin Butler. A new trailer for agent elvis gives us the surprising answer: none other than Matthew McConaughey is the new Elvis Presley. You can admire the new trailer below, but make no mistake: this is not an animated series you check out with your kids.

At least, that’s what Netflix advises against by explicitly calling the show “adult animation.” Profanity and blood are already flying in the video. What doesn’t blow your ears is Presley’s own music. Surprisingly, this has yet to be used. Striking, given that the show simply has the blessing of its estate.

Patience and Baz Luhrmann

Netflix has yet to announce any more cast or a release date, so fans of the iconic singer will have to be patient for now. Thankfully, they were recently able to stream the Baz Luhrmann movie on HBO Max to her heart’s content.

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