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Review of the Netflix series ‘The Night Agent’

This action thriller runs successfully on the well-known path.

Director: Adam Arkin, Guy Ferland, Seth Gordon, | Cast: Gabriel Basso (Peter Sutherland), Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau (Diane Farr), DB Woodside (Erik Monks), Fola Evans-Akingbola (Chelsea Arrington), ea | Number of episodes: 10 | Time to play: 44-56 minutes | Year: 2023

Peter prevents an attack and is hired by the White House as a result. However, he’s not up for a particularly exciting job: he has to sit at night with a phone meant for spies in distress, but the thing never rings. Until he does, which begins to unravel a conspiracy. His goal is to find out what’s going on while he provides protection to Rose, who is being attacked by those who killed her aunt and uncle.

the agent of the night It doesn’t take place in real time, but it’s pretty close. Therefore, the comparison with 24 done quickly. Perhaps that was also the intention of the writer of the book on which this series is based, since the main character has the same last name as the actor who played Jack Bauer. And just like in your series, you have to add a lot to lengthen the time until the last episode.

That filler is fast-paced so it never gets boring and every episode offers at least one big action scene in the form of a car chase or menacing attack. However, it is never original filler, which means the agent of the night just a standard action thriller series. Average portrayal, average acting, except for Hong Chau, who stands out positively as White House Chief of Staff and Luciane Buchanan, who as Rose, who would have been more comfortable in a soap opera.

The lead role goes to Gabriel Basso, who is unintentionally the perfect choice. After all, Peter Sutherland is a character who is somewhat full of himself: he sees himself as someone with an obligation to help others and always believes that in emergency situations people should listen to him (and for usually does well). , but the writers accidentally did not make him the brightest character.

Sometimes someone just needs to tell Peter that something is the way it is and he blindly accepts it, even though he knows there is at least one person who turns out to be unreliable. In general, he is very bad at knowing who to count on and who not to. Gabriel Basso previously played self-righteous JD Vance peasant elegy and here again he is someone who thinks too highly of himself without realizing it.

The conclusion to the story is certainly exciting, but not the fireworks that build ten episodes with many characters almost literally declaring that something epic is at stake. These ten episodes are the complete film adaptation of the book about this character, but because the series is a huge success, it can continue. So no source material, which has been done before with game of Thrones in hemlock groveboth of which became examples of weakened quality once the writers had to strike out on their own.

In any case, Peter Sutherland’s character lends itself to a long-running series. Hopefully, the creators will deviate from their need to give various characters an emotional background in the future. Rose and Peter talk about their painful past, but also about two security guards keeping an eye on the vice president’s daughter, and even about the two assassins who keep appearing as some kind of unstable Team Rocket. They clearly want to add an extra layer, but it’s all too shallow for that.


the agent of the night can be seen in Netflix.

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