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The new documentary hit is officially the worst Netflix series ever

It can always be worse. Unless you’re responsible for Netflix’s biggest monstrosity. Never before has a series beaten a score lower than the universally beaten queen cleopatra.

to everyone that queen cleopatra Smashed to the Ground at Rotten Tomatoes; watch out or you’ll soon be hit by Will Smith’s molars. However, his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s dismal performance isn’t the only reason the docu-drama is Netflix’s lowest-rated series.

The unenviable crown of Netflix’s biggest flop of all time may soon turn its head again. In theory anyway. Because compared to last weekend, the audience score of queen cleopatra. Currently, the burned documentary series gets not one, but two (!) Percent complete rotten tomatoes.

Queen Cleopatra, the worst Netflix series

But apparently we all have as much taste as meat at Albert Heijn. Or it is a form of disaster tourism. In any case, despite the fact that the scores are approaching the freezing point, it seems queen cleopatra To wrap the world around your fingers (history repeats itself that is, always). The docu-drama is currently the third most watched series on Netflix globally.

Fortunately, the damage to the Dutch taste buds is limited for the time being and the tough monstrosity remains gagging in its throat in eighth place. The Belgians, on the contrary, are forced to return several Michelin stars due to the sixth national position of queen cleopatra.

Unfortunately, criticism of the docu-series has little to do with the performances, but factual inaccuracies are the biggest thorn in critics’ side. And especially the historical protagonist has to suffer. According to the Netflix documentary, Cleopatra was a dark-skinned African queen. However, in reality, this was most likely not the case, given her Macedonian-Greek heritage. On the other hand, historians do not know who the mother of the Egyptian queen was, so theoretically her skin color could be correct.

Angry Egypt: ‘Falsification of history’

In any case, Egypt has taken offense that Netflix says it is drastically changing the national story. The series describes an inaccuracy as being factual in a series purporting to be a documentary. including it ancient egyptian ministry indicated, for example, that experts have long agreed on the color of Cleopatra’s skin: it was definitely light in color. According to the head of the Ministry, the representation of the famous queen as black is nothing less than “a falsification of Egyptian history.”

In any case, the docu-series is clearly getting the wind from the front. In addition to the worst viewership rating for a Netflix series, queen cleopatra nor positive reviews on IMdb, where it posts a woefully low rating of 1.1 out of 10.

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The new documentary hit is officially the worst Netflix series ever

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