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Crimes in the family on Rai 2: the true story of Melania Rea

qthis afternoon, at 9:20 p.m. rai2, It will happen Crimes in the family. The Melania Rea case. It is the first documentary of the cycle. Crimes in the familyMade by Stefano Nazzijournalist and widely followed author of podcasts dedicated to police news. A docuseries about crimes in which the journalist recounts the drama of murders in the family: that place that we imagine to be safe where, all too often, pain, oppression and violence dominate.

“Elisa Claps”, the case: the clip of Rai's drama with Gildo and Irene

This first episode is dedicated to Melania rea. Married and mother of the little girl victoryMelania, 18 months old, disappeared on April 18, 2011 in Civitella del Tronto, in the province of Teramo. She was found dead two days later, in a forest, stabbed from above. 35 stab wounds. Her husband was found guilty of her death, Salvatore Parolisiformer army corporal, initially thirty years old, later reduced to twenty.

Crimes in the family: the testimonies of his parents and brother

The case of Melania Rea has been in the spotlight for many months: in addition to the murder, which was reported in the newspapers and on television, with almost morbid attention to detail, it was the husband’s relationship with a young former school student military where he taught. The wiretaps were revealed, the messages exchanged between the two were published and all the details of their relationship were made known. In this vortex of voyeurism, Melania Reathe real victim has almost disappeared.

Melania Rea, the woman murdered 12 years ago by her husband Salvatore Parolisi. (Credit: Rai)

Her parents and her brother return her to the center of the story, thanks to the long and moving testimonies collected by Stefano Nazzi. In particular, Melania’s mother speaks in front of the cameras again after 12 years of silence. Imma Rosa also speaks exclusively, playmate of the murdered woman, who He restores dignity to his childhood friend: a young mother who is the victim of a toxic relationship.

Melania Rea’s father and mother during the recording of the interview. (credit: Rai)

Others enrich the documentary exclusive interviews to investigators, witnesses and criminological experts, along with original audio and video material coming from the investigation file and unpublished repertoire reconstruct each phase of the investigation and investigation.

The other episodes for Thursday, November 2 and 9

In the next episodes, always broadcast on Thursdays, Stefano Nazzi Then he will tell the story of Lorys Andrea Stivalthe boy found dead in 2014 Santa Cruz dressing room in the province of Ragusa. The only accused: the child’s mother, Veronica Panarello, the first to report his disappearance. Veronica initially pleaded not guilty, but she was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison.

The third episode, on November 9, is dedicated to the Ferdinand case Car, the 27-year-old from Parma who killed his father, mother and younger brother on August 4, 1989. After escaping to the United Kingdom, he confessed to the murders in a television interview for the program. Who has seen Declared incompetent and sentenced to judicial psychiatric imprisonment, he was released in 2015 and died in 2023.


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