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‘She looked 18 instead of 81’: Stars honor ‘true legend’ Vivienne Westwood | Show

Celebrities from home and abroad have expressed their sadness over the death of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. She died yesterday at the age of 81. “You were the sun for the world of fashion and for all humanity,” writes the top model Bella Hadid.

“From the first time I met you to the last time I saw you, you made me laugh, listen, learn and love more than the day before,” continues Hadid, who is grateful to have lived in “her universe.” ‘For the coolest, funniest, most amazing, humble and creative, tough, smart, damned wonderful human being who once walked the earth, my inspiration and idol in all areas: rest in love and rest in peace.’

Singer Annie Lennox also praises Westwood as an activist; she campaigned against climate change, among other things. “Her life force from her was beyond comprehension,” she writes. “She was 18 years old instead of 81 years old. A formidable force of nature, intrepid, that she turned everything upside down, inside out and inside out, literally and figuratively. (…) She hasn’t left, she’s just somewhere else.’

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Culture Club singer Boy George will miss her too. Rest in peace, the great and inspirational Vivienne Westwood, who guided us through the punk era and beyond. She is initially laughed at by the fashion industry, but without a doubt the queen of British fashion. Love you.’

Singers Cyndi Lauper and Halsey point out that their influence in the world of fashion is still visible today. “Your legacy is immortal and everlasting,” Halsey writes. “I hope we all continue to push the boundaries and question power by following her lead and in her memory.”

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sex and the cityactress Kim Cattrall calls Westwood a ‘true legend’ who has always retained her mental strength, fashion journalist Fiona Hering speaks of a ‘hero’. Actress Jamie Lee Curtis also finds her ‘brilliant’. ‘Fearless, tough, unique. She influenced many people and gave them permission to be themselves, and more than themselves.

Westwood died yesterday at the age of 81, her fashion house announced. She died ‘peacefully’ in the presence of her family in London. Westwood was one of the most prominent British designers. He made a name for himself in the 1970s with controversial punk creations. He always kept that style in the many collections he designed.

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