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These are the eleven participants in the new season B&B full of love | Show

791,000 spectators watched last night how Art Rooijakkers presented the new participants of the new season B&B full of love. Dutch bed and breakfast owners, spread all over Europe and this season also outside of Europe, are hoping to find love on the popular RTL 4 show. These are the eleven contestants.

Walter (54) – France

After working in the business world for 35 years, Walter sold his thriving family business, reports RTL in the press release on the proposal program. He was ready for change and more depth in his life. Last year he bought his French paradise in the beautiful nature of Correze, where he has created a place where people can meet and come to themselves, according to the channel.

His interest in, among other things, energies, family constellations and tantra began twenty years ago. There he obtained knowledge that made him see life differently. Walter offers space for healing and workshops, but you can also contact him for an energetic massage or a creative course. Walter hopes to meet a woman who is open-minded, interested in spirituality and, like him, down to earth.

Mariano (68) – Portugal

Marian is a self-made woman who, after a lifetime of hard work, is now enjoying a life under the Portuguese sun. She is an ‘up and down hostess’ who likes to welcome her guests to her luxurious villa, writes RTL. Marian has lived in the Algarve for 35 years. She created a successful real estate company and helped many people to find beautiful houses in Portugal.

Marian is an ‘active lady’ who regularly hits a ball on the adjacent golf course. She likes to end a day on ‘the green’ with a glass of white. For her, animals are number one. Amy, her chihuahua, accompanies her everywhere. Marian is a true bon vivant and standing still is not in her vocabulary. She is looking for a man from Burgundy who is still active and full of initiative in life.

Mariano. © Blue Circle

Joy (25) – Spain

Joy is an ambitious and creative boy, according to RTL. At 25, he works hard to build an empire in Malaga, Spain. Joy spent his childhood mainly in Bali. A youth that was all about freedom and independence. At the age of 20 he went to Spain on his own to renovate his father’s abandoned and dilapidated vacation home. He fell in love with the house and the area and decided to build a new life there. A major renovation of a few years followed, much of which he did himself.

Now he has created his own special place on ‘his mountain’ MountJoy and lives in complete freedom. Entrepreneurship is in his blood, writes RTL. In addition to running his B&B, she builds and sells motorhomes. He has a great drive to always be busy and to start new businesses. Joy is looking for a woman who is loving, caring and who can go along with her plans and ideas. A lady who, like him, likes to go on an adventure!

Happiness. © Blue Circle

Debbie (62) – Spain

The flamboyant Debbie changed her life in 2005 when she moved with her family to Catalonia, Spain. The former television producer realized from the loss of two girlfriends that life can end. Far from that cold country of frogs, to warm Spain. She bought an old farmhouse from 1600 in Sant Andreu del Terri with her then husband and her two children. It is a tasteful, colorful place, with gypsy carts where guests can also stay.

Last year she also transformed a nearby building into a beautiful place and with this addition to her B&B, Debbie is as proud as a peacock. Debbie doesn’t like to sit still and she’s always full of ideas; In addition to her B&B, she organizes yoga retreats and events for her guests. Debbie gives her life an A, but she knows that with someone by her side, she is more complete and welcoming. She is looking for a tough ‘jolly’ who is upbeat and likes to have fun.

Debbie. © Blue Circle

Martin (47) – Thailand

Martijn from Rotterdam has always had a great love for Thailand due to the many vacations he spent there, reports RTL. When he had the opportunity to take over a guest house with an attached restaurant four years ago, the choice was quick. A big step, but Martijn is proud of his special place with a Dutch twist. The Dutch can have fun in their guest house: croquettes and frikandellen are served, Dutch holidays are celebrated and Hazes echo from the loudspeakers for a cozy evening.

The past few years have been focused on building his business and there was little room for love. And although the cheerful Martijn has completely found his place in his beloved Thailand, he would like to see a nice woman by his side. Martijn likes to have fun, he likes to make people happy and he believes that humor is important. This is what he hopes to find in his search for love.

Martin. © Blue Circle

Corine (54) – France

Down-to-earth Corine went to Lubersac this year to pursue her French dream. Along with her packs of huskies and wolf dogs, she moved to a place surrounded by forests and hills. Corine loves the outdoors. She goes out every morning with the dogs and she also likes to be busy in the garden. Corine is practical and likes to do odd jobs at her B&B. She especially likes to decorate the rooms.

Although she manages well on her own, she misses the warmth and comfort that surrounds her, writes RTL. She is looking for a man who, like her, loves nature and odd jobs. Corine likes the rough-shelled, blank-core kind of thing. She would rather see her husband walking around with a chainsaw than a cleaning cloth. Corine is affectionate, spontaneous and energetic. She hopes her husband has a heart for dogs, but most of all she knows how to make her heart beat faster.

Corinne. © Blue Circle

Participants (30) – Portugal

Thirty-year-old Milu had long dreamed of buying a holiday home in Portugal. Portugal wants to go home with her; she lived there for the first two years of her life and then returned to the Netherlands with her mother. Portugal never stopped nagging and two years ago her dream came true; Milu then bought the B&B from her. A ruin that she transformed into an attractive vacation home.

In addition to her vacation home, Milu has a garden glamping tent that she is renovating and will also rent out. In addition to her B&B activities, Milu works as a real estate agent in the Algarve. A job done for her. Milu is socially strong, ambitious, and her personal growth is important to her, according to RTL. Her family plays an important role in her life. She has a strong bond with her mother, who is also her neighbor. Milu is looking for a man with her own ambitions and someone who will occasionally give her a backlash.

Take part.
Take part. © Blue Circle

Bram (30) – Sweden

In 2021, the energetic, enthusiastic and spontaneous Bram went to Sweden to make his childhood dream of life on a farm come true. He is now the proud owner of his self-sufficient farm where he also entertains. He has his own garden and prefers to be in nature. Bram is artistic, loves to travel and musically and likes to pick up his guitar in his spare time, the channel knows.

He easily meets new people and likes to be around his friends. He has everything on track and now has room in his life for a girlfriend. He hopes to meet a lady who, like him, is interested in permaculture and self-sufficiency. Someone who knows how to get things done, loves a good conversation and is sweet.

bellow. © Blue Circle

Leendert (68) – Belgium

After a career as a successful businessman, it was time for Leendert to look beyond the border and find peace. He longed for a dream place on the water with a beautiful garden in beautiful nature. When he came across an old water mill in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, he immediately fell in love. The previous resident ran a B&B and Leendert liked it so much that he decided to continue the B&B.

After all, hospitality is in him and he likes to take care of his guests. Leendert believes that it is important to stay in shape. He likes to walk his dog and regularly hits a ball on the tennis court. Also, Leendert is a music lover; he often sits at the piano and plays classical music all day. Leendert is always up for a cultural activity and hopes that his future wife will share this interest with him. He is looking for a sporty and positive lady who shares his passion for B&Bs. A woman with whom he wants to make dreams come true.

Leendert. © Blue Circle

Michael (50) – France

In 2016, Michiel decided to change his life and move to the south. He bought an old farmhouse that he converted into group accommodation. Michiel is certainly helpful and can spend hours working on tech and construction. He is also very happy to be found in his huge garden where he regularly turns on the pizza oven. Michiel is sociable, young at heart and enjoys a good conversation over a glass of wine, reports RTL.

Eight years ago, Michiel discovered that he is not only interested in women, but also in men. A discovery that taught him a lot about himself. Today he goes through life as bisexual and although he hasn’t had real relationships with men so far, he is open to it. His call to love is addressed, therefore, to both men and women. Michiel feels liberated since discovering him. He is looking for an independent partner (m / f) with a good sense of humor and who likes spontaneous actions.

Miguel. © Blue Circle

Petri (59) – France

The independent Petri fell in love with France during her training as a Dutch-French teacher. She loves the language, the food and the weather. French culture in particular appeals to him. After working in education for thirty years, she decided to change course a year and a half ago. She left home and home behind and went to France, the country where she feels so at home.

Petri, mother of two daughters who still live in the Netherlands, is a caring woman who likes to pamper her B&B guests with a delicious dinner. She likes to sing, the theater and she likes to read a book, RTL knows it. Petri is a member of a book club and the rooms in her B&B are named after French writers. She feels very happy in France, but she believes that a love in her life completes her. Petri hopes to meet a man with good humor and a fluent conversation who can also provide him with some stamina.

Petri. © Blue Circle

The third season of B&B full of love will be available every weekday on RTL 4 in the summer of 2023.

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