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Marije Knevel leaves Linda and Vogue, less than a year after starting as editor-in-chief | Show

Marije Knevel (35) leaves the websites of Cute, cute meiden and the Dutch edition of Fashion. She became editor-in-chief of all three platforms less than a year ago.

Knevel, also known for Who is the mole?has been updating since 2019 linda.nl, early years as deputy editor-in-chief. She now continues as an independent consultant.

linda.nl it’s been my soul and bliss for years, my life really,” she writes on Instagram. “You should leave while it still hurts a bit, I’ve learned, and it does.” Knevel has been “closer to herself” than ever this year, because his life “finally stopped”.

What she means exactly is unclear, but she writes: ‘I’ve come to realize that you really have to go for your own happiness. This sounds like a cliché, but when you’re on the fast train to work it’s hard to reflect. That’s scary and exciting and uncertain, but it’s also something you’ll never regret.’

The last dream is still a secret.

Next year he will finally follow his own dreams, he writes. “I had to turn 35 for it. Now, as I write this, I realize that I am too vulnerable to share my latest dream now. While you know I love the power of vulnerability. So this is coming.

In any case, she will work as a consultant in the field of online publications. She has gained extensive experience in recent years, including in RTL Boulevard. ‘I can not wait to [mijn] share knowledge in the field of creating content for websites, social networks and online videos in the near future.’

Knevel was named editor-in-chief of the three well-known sites nine months ago. “Secretly, I was already completely excited about my new role last year,” she reported then. Deputy Editor-in-Chief Lotte Bastiaansen takes over from Knevel at linda.nl, platform of Linda de Mol who is also known from the magazine. She has been doing that since December 1st.

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